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Oct-Nov 2015 –Whitby Goth Weekend
31 Oct 2015
Off to Whitby for the bi-annual Goth Weekend and one of Herman’s favourite climbs; the hills up round Sleights, which he gets to sail down on the way in and struggle up at about 5mph in his crawler gear, on the way back out again. No major issues to report and not much to see that has not already been seen. So here is a token piccie of Herman decked out in his half-arsed Hallowe’en outfit.... [ Read More ]
Ireland 2015
16 Sep 2015
Off to Ireland for a week or three, to visit the oul’ Mammy for a bit and then go off into the west for a bit of camping. Well met by lamplight. New cozier Herman, with Mazza reading, of an evening I have to say, the lad played a blinder. I’m not going to tempt fate by even contemplating thinking about saying he’s almost boringly reliable –coz that’s just asking for trouble.... [ Read More ]
[5V] Power to the People! [Part 3]
18 Aug 2015
This is a three part article Back to Part 1 Back to Part 2 To kick-off this third and final thrilling episode in ‘The Electrification of The Herman Union’, I added the final connectors on the outside of the cigar box. Seeing as I had only four USB ports but a 6-Fuse fuse-holder, that left me two fuses to play with. So I decided to add a couple of nice Dr.... [ Read More ]
[5V] Power to the People! [Part 2]
17 Aug 2015
This is a three part article Back to Part 1 On to Part 3 When I was ‘planning’ [using the word in its loosest sense] this assault on electrical health and safety, I came across an old wooden cigar box in the back of a cupboard and thought it would be pretty whacky to use it as the housing for my powerboard. Also, since last I waxed lyrical about matters electrical, I had been at the online ordering again and got myself what was called a ‘low profile’ 6-way fuse holder, as well as a few other wee bits’n’bobs like, fuses, more wire and some blade terminals from 12 Volt Planet.... [ Read More ]
[5V] Power to the People!
11 Aug 2015
This is a three part article On to Part 2 On to Part 3 One of the things I’ve been meaning to do for a while is to wean as much electricity usage away from Herman’s main battery and onto the leisure battery as possible. I can never fully relax when I’m running electricals off the main battery at night, for fear of hearing that dreaded tired groan from the starting motor in the morning, when I try to turn the engine over –especially when I’m in the middle of nowhere.... [ Read More ]
07 Sep 2014
Bit of a semi-unplanned mission this past weekend. Mazza’s folks had hired a house in a wee village just outside Conwy in Wales for a week or so, and they invited the various branches of the family down. Because of my work, it had to be a bit of a visita volante on our part. So we just said we’d come down and join them there for the weekend. Conwy Castle Disaster nearly struck straight away.... [ Read More ]
Ireland 2014 –Part03
28 Aug 2014
Final selection from the Ireland 2014 archives: Back to Part01 Back to Part02 Herman. Somewhere on the road to Mullaghmore, Co. Sligo Mullaghmore, Co. Sligo Mullaghmore, Co. Sligo Mullaghmore, Co. Sligo –It was nice of them to provide a creche for Mazza, while I explored the area Glenade Loch, Co. Leitrim Glenade Loch, Co.... [ Read More ]
Ireland 2014 –Part02
28 Aug 2014
Continuing the collection of a few snaps from our Ireland 2014 trip: Back to Part01 On to Part03 St. John's Point, Co. Donegal –Mazza guarding our cooking fire from clumsy cattle-induced spillage St. John's Point, Co. Donegal: Beefy broth –food of champions! [Just don't tell our new friends the cows what's in here!] St. John's Point, Co. Donegal: Masterchef in action. Making a few dumplings Malin Beg, Co.... [ Read More ]
Ireland 2014 –Part01
28 Aug 2014
Off to Ireland for a few weeks to visit the wee Mammy and do a bit of camping, ‘way out west’. No mechanical incidents to report. Herman behaved himself for the entire trip. So, instead of pctures of me crawling around, covered in oil and grime; the customary ‘place-holder’ selection of images from the expedition. Actually, that’s going to make this pretty ‘pic-heavy’, so I think I’ll split it over three posts, so each section takes less than an ice-age to download.... [ Read More ]
08 Aug 2014
The sands of time had run out for us to get much more done, before we set off for Ireland in 3 days time. So we had one last heroic attempt at getting as much more insulated as we could, before we’d have to clean the green lad out and tidy him up for the journey. We managed to get the row of panelling just below the edges of the roof finished, on both sides of the van.... [ Read More ]
07 Aug 2014
Back into the fray in the endless battle to get Herman insulated and panelled out today. I decided to turn my attention to one of the blacked out windows, next to where the kitchen area is and insulate and panel that, so that whole area around the kitchen sink would be a bit more ‘finished’ looking. First job was to build a batten frame inside the lip of the window, so I’d have something to attach the panelling to.... [ Read More ]
Feeling Horny
06 Aug 2014
One of the other things that seems to go wrong with LTs I own [especially at MOT time] is that the horn suddenly decides to stop working. And this year was no exception. Doing the pre-MOT check of electricals, I found that Herman had apparently joined an order of Trappist vans and taken a vow of silence. For his parper refused to parp. Parp! Parp! [not!] After a futile half hour, pissing about with the fuses and testing the wiring with my circuit tester, I suddenly had the thought that it might be the actual horn mechanism itself that was at fault.... [ Read More ]
Brake Time
05 Aug 2014
Whilst doing my pre-MOT rounds, I noticed that one of the wheel cylinders at the back was leaking slightly. So, knowing Mr. MOT-Man would jump on that like a thing that really likes jumping on stuff, I resigned myself to having to replace that too, before going near the MOT garage. Before attacking the brakes, the joy of an oil & filter change Off to GSF for a new wheel cylinder, which I fitted that self-same day.... [ Read More ]
Filter Tips
04 Aug 2014
I don’t know what strategic blunder I made when arranging tax disc and MOT, when I first got Herman. But it has resulted in his MOT falling due at the end of July –nary a couple of weeks before we head off to Ireland, every year. So, when I should be doing useful things to kit him out for the journey, I end up crawling around in muck and filth, prepping him for the MOT.... [ Read More ]
Sensorble Precaution
02 Aug 2014
Being the dilligent student of this blog you are, you’ll remember the fun and larks we had with Herman’s Oil Pressure Sensors, last year in Ireland. [ 1, 2, 3 ], culminating in me encasing the Low Pressure Sensor in epoxy resin, to stop it leaking. Remember this, from last year? Well, such is the quality of my botch-manship that that ol’ Pressure Sensor hadn’t spilled a drop of oil since then.... [ Read More ]
Operation Insulation –Day 3
24 Jul 2014
More of tedious same today. This time we could see the light at the end of the tunnel –at least as far as getting the ceiling finished goes– as, in our insulating frenzy, we reached the bulkhead just behind the cab The last roof panels. Just behind the cab I also discovered that one of the neighbourhood cats has found a pretty uncomfortable looking place to take a ‘cat-nap’.... [ Read More ]
Operation Insulation –Day 2
22 Jul 2014
More ‘working with your hands above your head’ fun today, as we entered the second day of our marathon attempt to get Herman insulated up and sorted out a bit more, before we go to Ireland next month. T’was pretty much a repeat of yesterday’s routine: Peel off carpet to expose panel Drill out eleventy billion rivets and remove panel Fill cavity behind panel with Rockwool Replace panel The refinement we brought to the procedure was that we used screws to re-attach the panels instead of rivets.... [ Read More ]
Let Operation Insulation Commence!
21 Jul 2014
The astute reader will remember that, way back at the end of January, I scored me a load of Rockwool, with which I pledged to begin the mammoth task of insulating Herman, once the cold winter weather eased up a bit. Well, I am nothing if not a man of my word so today, as we neared the end of July, I decided that it was probably safe to assume the chance of an unexpected blizzard had receded enough for me to begin ‘Operation Insulation’.... [ Read More ]
Blackout Blues
17 Jul 2014
Stay feckin' blacked out, will you! One of the things that’s becoming the bane of my life, with the current incarnation of Herman is the bloody blacked out windows on the sides and the rear doors. No matter how many times I sand the glass, clean it and paint over it again, it’ll be OK for a month or two and then, one morning I’ll come out and notice a big bubble on one of the panes which, when popped, will gush out rainwater, like a pierced blister.... [ Read More ]
Anglesey Summer Solstice
20 Jun 2014
Herman relaxing in the Anglesey sun Off to Anglesey for the traditional summer Solstice get together on my mate’s farm. Once again Herman made it there and back with no problems apart from the inate inability to climb anything steeper than a gentle slope, without giving the impression of an exhausted Sherpa Tensing, hauling his way up a particularly difficult stretch on Everest.... [ Read More ]