Roofhog Day

Today was spent pretty much as yesterday was; Mazza carried on scrubbing away at the gluey remains of the vinyl lettering, with Hammerite thinners and sandpaper - while I decimated the alien lifeforms on the side of the roof that I had spared the day before.

So not much to report really. However, Herman now has a roof which is spic-n-span enough to start painting on.

About an hour after I finished scrubbing down the roof and came upstairs to put the dinner on, it started raining with the odd lonely snowflake in amongst the wet stuff

PEDANT: It’s called ‘sleet’ you idiot
ME: No it’s not. I know what feckin’ sleet looks like. This was rain with the odd snowflake in the middle of it OK?
PEDANT: Oh. OK then. Sorry for interrupting. Please feel free to continue with your rivetting meteorological discourse
ME: Dinnae worry. I will

Where was I?… oh yeah. It started ‘not-sleeting’ about half an hour ago and the weather forecast has promised snow on its way. So I’m torn between hoping it stays fine, so I can get started on painting Herman’s roof tomorrow and hoping it snows like mad - coz I’m such a big kid at heart, I still get really excited when it starts snowing.

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