SORN-Ly the Lonely [Help!]

Whoops! - I went on the DVLA website today, just to price up Herman’s tax disc for when I tax him at the end of the month. After I put in the info and clicked Submit to bring up the prices, I got a dire warning from the DVLA that Herman’s previous SORN had run out at the end of January and so their crack investigations unit might be in touch with me in due course, to find out why I hadnae SORN’ed him.

There are a few reasons why:

  1. I didnae know that a SORN declaration wasnae transferrable. I thought it related to the vehicle - not the owner
  2. Notwithstanding the above - how was I meant to know the previous SORN expired? Nobody told me
  3. Why did the DVLA not notify me, when they sent me out the new logbook in the middle of Feb, that I needed to renew the SORN?

Of course, as smart arses and Daily Mail reader types love pointing out [eg. in relation to point 1 above] “Ignorance of the law is no defence”. Granted - but it would be nice if the people who stand to profit from your breaking the law [in this case the DVLA] were obliged to warn you beforehand, rather than expect every citizen to memorise the entire statute book, for fear of falling foul of some obscure legal requirement somewhere.

Oh well. He’s SORNed now. Perhaps a miracle will happen and someone down the DVLA will decide not to bother hassling me over a couple of weeks of non-SORN-ity. Well, we live and hope!

Another irony is that I now have to twiddle my thumbs, waiting for the end of the month before I tax Herman. I would have taxed him a week or so ago, when I finished the main mechanical jobs - were it not for the equally stupid DVLA policy that means, even if you tax your vehicle a nanosecond from the end of the month, the tax disc runs from the beginning of the current month - rather than the beginning of the following month. So you’d effectively be paying the DVLA a month’s road tax for nothing.

Gratuitous pic of an old tax disc -from the month before I was born!
Gratuitous pic of an old tax disc -from the month before I was born!
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