Chips Away!

This weekend, I decided to take on quite possibly the smallest job to date; namely fixing a wee chip in Herman’s windscreen. It’s only about half a cm long and not in the driver’s line of sight, so it wouldnae be an MOT failure, but every time I see that advert on the telly [I think it’s for some windscreen replacement company], where the guy drives over a bump and -with a loud ‘Crrrikkk!’ noise- the tiny chip in his windscreen spiders out to fill about half the screen, it makes me cringe at the thought of the same happening with Herman.

Yes - I know. ‘the power of advertising’, but I’m not so foolish [or so rich] as to have my entire windscreen replaced, because of a tiny chip. I bought some DIY gloop for about £15 off eBay and did the job myself. At this point, I should apologise for the fact that the customary dullness of this post is not even slightly lifted by the addition of any illlustrative photos. My camera -wherein I recorded the thrilling step-by-step process- decided to eat its own memory card, so no documentary evidence of operation ‘fix a tiny chip in the window’ remains.

Suffice to say, the repair did not produce a perfect invisible finish. However, it did fill the chip and the resin hasnae fallen out yet. So, if it’s made the chip less likely to spread then that’s good enough for me.

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