The Point of Non-Return

Well, today I finally put paid to Herman’s occasional recalcitrance when it comes to starting and likewise said farewell to having to watch a diesel pipe that might as well have been pumping Coca Cola into the pump with the amount of bloody bubbles that were zipping past my helpless gaze. I scored myself this nifty non-return valve off eBay [for about a fiver, if memory serves me right]

I apologise humbly and wholeheartedly for the piss-poor out of focus photography. My excuse is that I bust the screen on my ixus, so I couldnae see what it was focussing on! - here’s the non-return valve.

About twenty mins later. The valve fitted into the fuel system. It goes between the fuel filter outlet and the injector pump inlet. It will allow diesel to flow into the injector pump, but willnae allow gravity to drag it back down the pipe again, when the engine is off. Thus it stops air being sucked into the fuel system.

If you thought my bragging about finally saying goodbye to awkward starting and fizzy diesel at the beginning of this post was a bit premature and smacked of tempting fate, I should point out that, in my usual fashion, I’m updating this blog about a zillion light-years after the event. Suffice to say, the job turned out to be most definitely a good ‘un. Bubbles are a thing of the past and Herman starts on the button every time now. Best fiver I’ve ever spent!