Leaky Leak-Offs

I mentioned previously that I wasnae totally convinced that the new leak-off pipes I’d fitted to the injectors were tight enough to make a completely airtight seal and, sure enough, when I was tinkering about with the alternator drive belt earlier in the day, I’d notcied that there was a bit of diesel leaking out around the pipes, where they pushed onto the injector bleed nipples.

Not having any hoseclips of a suitably petite size, I did what I do best -botched the fucker improvised cleverly; I got some fancy thickish wire that mazza had left over from when she did a jewellery course at college a while back and I wired the ends of all the leak-off pipes, to stop them pulling off the nipples and hopefully give a better seal.

Improvisation across the nation!
Improvisation across the nation!
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