I Snipe Pergo I Am

At the weekend Mazza sniped a load of Pergo flooring plus underlay on Fleabay for £21. Apparently this represents good bargain hunting, as Mazza assures me that Pergo is the dog’s bollox, when it comes to poncey interior decor and all that. So scoring a load of it for a pony [as Del Boy might say] was a ‘bit of a steal’.

We went to pick it up tonight from some posh gaff out towards Didsbury way. The couple in the house looked delighted to see us disheveled scruffy looking gits turning up in our prehistoric van to collect their former arm & leg’s worth of kitchen flooring for twenty measley quid.

Luvvly jubbly!
Luvvly jubbly!

So, even if the rest of him is a nothing to write home about, at least some of Herman’s wall panelling should impress any passing royalty who drop by to borrow a cup of diesel.

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