M.O.T - N.O.T

Well, Herman went in for his MOT today and failed - but I’m not too gutted.

Things got off to a bad start, before I even got there; I did a quick walk round check of the electrics before setting off and found one of the mini telltale indicators on the side wasnae working [sorted that with a quick sandpapering of the terminal -just a dodgy connection].  Then one of the headlamps decided not to go on full beam [another twiddle, this time with the fuse sorted that].  The horn [surprisingly! - it’s usually the most temperamental] was working.  I was all set, and everything electrical was [at least for the moment] working fine.

So off I went to MOT land. 

As soon as the test began, the guy said “Well it’s failed already. Your horn’s not working”.  So I had a twiddle with the fuses again, while he moseyed round looking at other stuff, then he said “Your hazards aren’t working either”.  So, he goes to start the van and the battery suddenly decides to go flat! 

“It’s going to be one of those days!” I thought.

Luckily I had a spare battery in the back, so I was able to switch ‘em round and get Herman started. Next, the MOT guy discovered that the headlamp parking light bulbs had either been removed or were not wired in, coz the headlamps did not stay on when the ignition was off.

“OK.” sez I to myself “At least it’s all electrical so far!” but I was feeling pretty abject by this stage; he’d failed on about five things already and they hadnae even looked at anything apart from the electricals yet.  And needless to say, none of my fuse twiddling [which usually does the trick] had any effect on his recalcitrant electrics [just coz the bloody MOT man was watching!].

So, off I went, pacing up’n’down outside like an expectant father, while Herman underwent the rest of his scrutiny and, would you believe it, there was hardly anything else wrong at all; one missing bolt, where the silencer box bolts to the tailpipe and a bit of a drip of diesel from somewhere in the engine bay [I suspect the fuel filter, or those damn leaky takeoff pipes again] -and that’s all.  Chassis, brakes, steering, tyres, suspension -all fine and dandy. 

So I’ve just got to sort that diesel leak, stick another bolt on the silencer and then give the electrics a good going over, tightening everything up, and cleaning any dodgy looking connections. Then hopefully I can drop him in again on Weds morning and get him MOT’d [I’ve got a half day off work], then a quick nip to the PO for a tax disc - all [fingers crossed!] just in time for going away for the weekend, first thing on Thursday morning. 

Phew!- talk about going down to the wire!

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