MOT Post-Mortem

Well, I’ve just been out for a post-mortem:

  • Swopped a couple of fuses around and my hazards started working again.  So obviously a loose fuse [yet again!]
  • Detached the horn from the steering wheel to check the connections - at which point it naturally started blaring away for all it was worth. Put it back on the wheel again and it shut up. [The horn has been like this from day one. It’s one of those things that works perfectly while it’s in bits, but as soon as you put it back together again it dies, just to wind you up]
  • Checked my headlamps; one parking bulb was missing and the other was blown, so fingers crossed that’ll just be a bulb replacement and not a wiring issue.
  • Checked my foglamp switch [another electrical failure was the telltale light on the switch didnae glow when the foglamp was on]. After taking the switch apart, I came to the conclusion it was made from parts of two different switches.  It had a green LED inside it, but the switch rocker was not transparent enough for the LED to show through when lit [it was pretty dim anyway] and they didnae line up properly.  Looks like a new switch needed there.
  • Diesel leak investigation will have to wait til tomorrow.  It’s been a long week and there are a few beers here with my name on them!
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