MOT Post-Post-Mortem

Well, I’ve been out for a tinker tonight and sorted the diesel leak problem.  It was one of those bloody leak-off pipes had split again. They’re the bane of my life.

They seemed OK at the MOT station where I went. I just took him to the same place as the old MOT cert said he’d been done last time, as I knew they’d have a tall enough shed to fit him through the door. The guy seemed to actually want it to pass and was quite apologetic about the fail items. 

The last MOT garage I went to [with my previous motor] the bloke reeled of the list of things it failed on in a tone of voice with suggested he held me personally responsible for everything wrong with the car.

I bought some packets of bullet fuses the other day, to swop out a couple of the more dodgy looking ones, and I found that the new ones [made of plastic] are actually very slightly longer and fatter than the original ceramic ones and seem to fit a lot more snugly into their holders.

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