A Bitch About a Switch

Picked up a new foglamp switch today from VW - £22 feckin’ quid for a plastic rocker switch.  I was at least expecting it to be gold-plated at that price!

I think the MOT man might have sent me on a fool’s errand anyway.  When I got the new switch and plugged it in, I thought at first that either it was bust, or the wiring was knackered, because it didnae light up at all.  Then, I had a closer look and noticed that there is a tiny orange LED set into the edge of the switch, which does light up when the foglamps are on.  The thing is, it’s so bloody dim, I could only see it by shading the switch with my hand [it was a bright sunny day today, here].  I was expecting the whole switch to light up, like the hazard light switch.

So now I’m not convinced the old switch was dead anyway because I had turned my foglight switch ‘upside down’; because it looks wrong the ‘right way up’ and also because, when it’s the ‘right way up’ it turns on by rocking it outward [away from the instrument panel], whereas all the other switches turn on by rocking them inward towards the centre of the instrument panel [hope that makes sense!].  It seems like the switch is made upside down - maybe VW only make it in a LHD version?

Anyway, because it’s just an LED in the corner of the switch that lights up, you cannae see it when the switch is ‘upside down’ because it’s on the edge of the switch facing away from you. I’ve now [temporarily] turned the switch the ‘right way up’ [according to VW - the ‘wrong way up’ according to my aesthetic sensibilities] so the LED is visible to the driver and hopefully that will meet the requirements of the MOT.

Fingers crossed- the retest is tomorrow!

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