New Shoes

Well, after Herman’s unfortunate loss of footwear, on the way to Whitby, the other week, it was time to pony up for a new pair of shoes [or, to be more exact, two pairs of shoes] for the lad.

On 26th May, I ordered a set of four Kumho 857 21580 R14 Q (112), 8Ply from Blackcircles, who I’ve used before and found pretty good to deal with. Then went down on 28th to have them fitted. £58 each. Not too shoddy; I reckon Kumho are one of the better ‘budget’ brands, albeit that I cannae help but think the name sounds unfortunately like “cum-hole”!

Herman seems as proud as punch of his new footwear and is sitting about an inch or so higher, since I got slightly larger radius tyres this time, than were on him before. I was a bit worried at first, that I’d gone a bit too big, as the front tyre seemed very close to the corner of the front wheel arch and the rear tyre likewise cheek-by-jowl with the exhaust pipe, but I was just being paranoid. I’ve not had any catching or rubbing on the bodywork, when going from lock to lock with the steering.