Throttle Back

Off to VW, this morning, for a new throttle cable to replace the one which snapped on ‘the day which will go down in infamy’.  When I got home and tried to attach it, I found that either I’d picked up the wrong one, the design had changed, over the years, or Herman’s injector pump sits further forward than it should do. For, whatever reason, the cable was a couple of cm too long, so was flopping about like the proverbial limp dick.

Add to that the fact that the end of the cable seems to be designed to just slip over a nipple on the throttle lever and [presumably] be held in place by tension and it was yet another case of ‘improvisation across the nation’, as I made a wee metal clamp to grip round the cable itself, attach to the throttle lever and hold everything in the right position. If nothing else, owning an LT teaches you to think creatively.

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