Holey Show

Against my better judgement, I thought I’d clear out the back of the van today and take a look at how bad the holes in the floor around Herman’s wheel arches were.  Not a pretty sight. This is a notoriously rust-prone area on LTs and Herman’s not been standing at the back of the queue when it came to getting his helping.

Thankfully, because these old LTs have a separate galvanised truck-like chassis, none of this is structural, but I thought I should make some kind of attempt to treat it before it spread even more.

I spent hours hacking away with various tools including tin snips, mini angle grinder and hacksaw, trying to cut away the worst of the rust and clean up the rest. I’d originally planned to cut it all out and weld new plates in place, but unfortunately I just don’t have the time to take on such a big job at the minute. Besides which, I live in quite a small block of flats with the carpark in the centre courtyard and I dinnae think my neighbours would take too kindly to me angle-grinding huge swathes of the floor out of my van, while they’re trying to enjoy their weekends. Oh for the luxury of a garage to call my own!

No, I’m afraid that, until such times as I actually have some space of my own, where I can tinker in peace, this is going to have to be “the botch to end all botches” as I just treat this rust, patch it and hopefully stop it getting any worse in the meantime.

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