Floor Show Revisited

Back to “Operation Floor Botch” today.

Several more hours cutting, tin-snipping, hacksawing and wire-brushing and I’d cut out most of the rust that was cuttable out, without resorting to heavyweight equipment. I then gave everything a damn good going over with the wire brush attachment on my drill to get it all down to as near bare metal as I could and lathered the lot with Vactan to hopefully stop any new rust forming.

That done, I cut out some mild steel patches to cover the holes [and hide my guilty botching shame!] and rivetted them in place. 

It’s quite depressing to have not been able to do this job properly, but at least I’ve had a go at stopping it getting any worse and at least the end result ‘looks’ OK.

After I’d done that, we started measuring out and cutting the insulation ready to put down the new flooring at the back of the van. You may remember that we’d previously re-floored the front end but the back end was still covered in the original smelly, dirty carpet and rotten plywood, that was there when we bought the van.

Mazza in floor measuring action
Mazza in floor measuring action

After the insulation was down, we cut some of our remaining sheets of  heavy duty MDMF to size and laid down Herman’s new floor. Unfortunately, being a goyp, I forgot to take any photos of that particular job.

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