Boxing Clever

That bane of my life, Herman’s fusebox had been playing funny buggers again lately. You remember a while back I opened it up, stripped it down, found it full of water and rust and put it back together again, with plenty of silicone sealant. Well, that seemed to do the trick for quite a while, but then recently, on a couple of ocassions I’ve heard some electrical fizzing noises coming from it when I had the lights on at night and then, in the last few days, the bloody hazards and indicators have packed in [again!]

The usual swopping out of the old 191 relay didnae work, so I bought a replacement fusebox off a guy on eBay, who was breaking an LT.

New fusebox, ready to fit
New fusebox, ready to fit

This morning, I played Alphabetti Spaghetti with the mass of wires and relays and swopped over the fuseboxes.

A fairly successful outing. I’ve now got hazards and indicators again –and also the cigarette lighter socket has started working for the first time in ages. Unfortunately the dashboard light and the clock are still remaining sullenly silent. I suspect their ‘beef’ might be a loose connection, or blown bulb behind the dashboard itself.

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