Say Hello, Wave Goodbye

With Herman2 added to the family, there now came the sad task of selling Herman1. I first put an ad on the brickyard forum but didnae get much response, apart from good luck wishes from my fellow LTers and a few requests for parts, which I couldnae help with, due to needing the beast gone in one piece.

So I stuck Herman1 up for sale on the dreaded eBay:

I was quite surprised to see the amount of watchers mount up pretty quickly, until there were about 80-odd. Unfortunately no-one was bidding much. 

Then a guy contacted me and asked could he come and have a look. He came round that evening and had a good crawl round Herman and said he’d get back to me if he could sort out some insurance. 

I didnae hear anything for a day or two and was about to get in touch with a couple of other people who’d contacted me through eBay, asking the old “How much for cash tonight?” when yer man got back to me and asked to come for another look. Meanwhile the bidding started warming up a bit, as Herman moved over the £300 mark.  

Potential buyer duly turned up again and, this time, he brought another mechanic mate with him and Herman was probed prodded and twiddled all over again. We [allegedly] went for a quick spin round the block and, after seeing what a fine figure of a van Herman [allegedly] was on the open road, the guy made me an offer: I’d wanted £500 cash for a quick sale. We agreed on £450 but I’d remove the split charge relay and leisure battery and keep them for Herman2. I got a deposit to keep Herman for him for another couple of days, while he sorted out a truck to trailer him away.

Herman and Herman2 sharing a final contemplative moment
Herman and Herman2 sharing a final contemplative moment
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