How to Waste Twenty-Three Quid

As I’ve mentioned before, Herman2 is a bit too ‘blessed’ with windows for my liking. I prefer my campers a bit more stealthy and a bit less “Look at me sitting about in my grundies everyone!” I’ve considered various methods of obscuring some of the windows, ranging from welding metal plate over them, to using vinyl, to fibreglassing over them, to painting them out. My initial experiments with fibreglass were a less than stellar success so, next up, I thought I’d try the painting option.

Having found just how slippery glass can be, I resolved to give the paint every chance to stick. My research on the intarwebs found exciting tales of paint designed specifically for sticking to glass which, it seems, is used for decorative glasswork in office blocks and in bathrooms etc. Unfortunately it seemed to only be available in ‘Merka’, so I was forced to look closer to home. Off to Amazon where, after a bit of searching I found this:

which described itself as:

Water based quick drying white primer for use on tiles; glass and glazed surfaces prior to over-coating with white spirit based finishes

Sounded just what the doctor ordered even though I thought the price was a bit hefty for a 1 litre tin. Anyway, I ordered a tin and, a few days later and after the usual courier hassles, it turned up –in a dented tin, which was leaking.

Not a good start and, when I removed the lid, I wasnae too impressed. The stuff had settled out and needed a furious bit of stirring to get it mixed up to a nice consistency again and also it looked and smelled suspiciously like a tin of plain old-fashioned white emulsion paint.

Oh well, I’ll give anything the benefit of the doubt once, so I painted a coat over the inside of all the windows I was planning to cover and then got on with my sanding chores. Incidentally, I’d not only thoroughly cleaned the glass with acetone first, but also roughened the surface slightly with sandpaper beforehand, to provide as paint-friendly a surface as possible. Fast forward a few hours and, while I’m sanding away on Herman2’s wheel arch, the missus says to me “Look at the window paint. It looks like it’s peeling off!”.

I went inside for a closer look and, sure enough, the Turd-in-a-Tin© was peeling right off the glass, even as it was drying. A complete and utter rip-off and a complete waste of £23.

It does just the opposite of what it says on the tin!
It does just the opposite of what it says on the tin!

[Incidentally, if you’re wondering why I bought this stuff, when the Amazon screengrab shows it has a one-star rating, that rating is the one I left, after trying this crap out.]