Step Off!

Just a minor mission today: another bit of tidying up and removing of extraneous doo-dads and superfluous flibberty-gibbets which, as we all know can play havok with one’s Van Shui.

First up was the foldy-out side step which might have been a boon and a blessing to men for the oul’ bids getting in and out of Herman during his stint as a minibus, but was surplus to requirements for yours truly, who prefers to triple back somersault into the van through the driver’s window.

While I was down that neck of the woods, I also took off the under-slung spare wheel carrier. I may come to regret this, as it now means I have to find somewhere to stash the spare inside the van or on a door or the roof, or somesuch. But the spare carrier was pretty rusted up and I dinnae like slinging my spare underneath where it’s just going to be continually getting covered in all kinds of skank.

Then it was back inside again to rip out all the wiring left behind from when I removed the tail-lift. Never again shall my fingers caress the tender buttons of the big yellow tail-lift control box.

Getting all the wiring out wasn’t that bad a job, apart from the fact that whoever originally installed the tail-lift must have had shares in ‘Cable Tying Solutions Ltd’. as there were approximately eleventy-billion and four of aforementioned articles securing the heavy duty powerline from the battery, under the chassis and up to where the tail-lift used to be. It took me ages to snip all the wee buggers off and pull out all the cabling.

On the up side, I now have about ten feet of heavy duty 12V cable which I can add to my “things which might come in handy” stash.