Ticket to [Not] Ride

As if all the anal bollox of trying to knock the inside of Herman into some kind of shape, whilst still doing the 9-to–5 grind wasnae hassle enough, I was also faced with the ordeal of getting him MOT’d, before heading off on holiday, as well.

Booked into my usual [for now] garage and took him down first thing on Monday morning. I have to admit that I didnae give him much of a going over beforehand –just did an oil and filter change and hoped for the best.

As it turned out, my uncharacteristic optimism was sadly misplaced. Herman failed on two counts:

  • Leaking wheel cylinder on rear driver’s side wheel
  • 0% effort on handbrake

[I also got the obligatory ‘advisory’ on engine oil leak. A recent development which is quite annoying given Herman’s engine’s low mileage]

I was particularly pissed off about point two, as the MOT tester snapped the handbrake rod whilst yanking on the handbrake and then failed Herman for not having a handbrake that worked! This added to the fact that he turned up about an hour late and didnae even apologise either for that, or for busting part of my van left me less than enamoured with the proceedings. Hence my “for now” proviso in the description of the garage above.

Herman 'up on the blocks'
Herman 'up on the blocks'