MOT the Hoopla

Even I don’t know what the feck that’s supposed to mean!

Anyway, this morning I took Herman back for his MOT retest. When I got to the garage the guy said he’d just started on another motor, so it would be about half-an-hour before Herman could go ‘back on the slab’ again.

I wandered outside, thinking to go off for a walk for a bit and found a bloke ‘admiring’ Herman. We fell into conversation and it turned out the guy ran a workshop next to the MOT garage and used to run a transport company which used LTs. He was a big fan of the old LTs and waxed lyrical for a long time about how great they were, how they could run all day with no problems and how even his arsey-est drivers who used to try and deliberately break vans, if they were given a job they didnae fancy doing, were unable to break them.

The half hour wait for the MOT slot went by in a flash of LT-related chatter and then the tester appeared.

“Hey you!” quoth my new mate “You take care of that. That’s a classic van!”

MOT tester went off and, after what seemed like about five minutes, came back and handed me my MOT certificate. Quite apart from my top-notch repairs, I like to think he was swept along on the universal wave of LT-tinted enthusiasm.

Anyway, in lieu of any new snaps taken on the day, I refer the humble reader to my stock “I’ve got an MOT!” image, as used last year.

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