Blackout Blues
Stay feckin' blacked out, will you!
Stay feckin' blacked out, will you!

One of the things that’s becoming the bane of my life, with the current incarnation of Herman is the bloody blacked out windows on the sides and the rear doors.

No matter how many times I sand the glass, clean it and paint over it again, it’ll be OK for a month or two and then, one morning I’ll come out and notice a big bubble on one of the panes which, when popped, will gush out rainwater, like a pierced blister. I’ve no idea how it’s getting in there. Like I said, I’ve painted over the glass and around the rubber edging so many times I’ve lost count, but still the problem persists.

So, in another [doubtless futile] attempt to blackout the windows for once and for all, I decided to extend the blacked out area to take in the entire panels in which each window sits. Hopefully this will remove any last tiny gaps ‘twixt windows, seals and vans, through which the indefatigable rainwater is sneaking in.

I’m not holding my breath though. I have a nasty feeling this one will run and run.