So, what’s it all about then?

I [stíobhart matulevicz] originally started this site [or blog as t’was then] on Tumblr, when I decided to self-build me a camper van. Having vicariously enjoyed the progress reports of various other blogging ‘self-builders’ and their subsequent adventures around the globe, I had visions of Carry On Herman providing similar entertainment to my vast readership [ie. Old Albert and his dog].

Unfortunately, as ever in my life, my grand vision was reined in slightly by the terminal lack of two pennies to rub together, which has been a constant fireworks-pissing feature of my life. So:

  • Whereas, on other like-minded blogs, you will witness the installation of custom made furniture and all manner of fabulous camper technology —on Carry On Herman, you’ll snigger at the sight of me knocking together wonky cabinets and shelves from junk I’ve found in the skip, and building my own gadgetry from salvaged bits of other machinery I’ve reverse engineered broken in the past.

  • Whereas, on other like-minded blogs, you can savour the sights, smells and sounds of many and varied exotic corners of the world —on Carry On Herman, you will yawn in disinterest as I recount the occasional visit to friends & family, or the infrequent bit of ‘not-exactly-globetrotting’ stealth camping. You can follow Herman’s ‘Adventures’ [and I use the term in it’s loosest sense] on the grandiosely named Atlas Page

Why “Carry On Herman”?

Everyone knows you’re not a proper camper until you’ve given your waggon a name. As my first [and second] campers were built around Volkswagen vans, a good German name was in order. Hence my van[s] have both been called Herman

Wait a minute! “Vans”… You mean there’s more than one?

There are indeed two Hermans. From January 2009 [when I bought the first incarnation] until January 2013, “Herman” was a 1993 VW LT35 panel van. In January 2013, I bought a 1995 VW LT35 minibus, which became Herman2. I decided to keep the ‘Herman’ name alive because I liked it —and also so that, in my mind I could pretend I was still driving the same van and hadn’t cruelly abandoned my faithful metal boy, in favour of some newer flashier upstart.

Do you know this site looks shite on… <insert name of browser or platform> …?

As the design, no less than the content, is an eternal “Work-in-Progress”, that doesn’t surprise me. However, the site looks OK for me running on Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera and across Mac OSX and Linux. As this is a personal site and not one I’ve built for a client, I have taken the liberty of not giving a flying fuck-toss what it looks like on Internet Exploder [or any of its guilty-by-parentage successors].

I’m painfully aware that the site doesn’t look as good as it ought to on mobile. That’s something I’m attending to “as and when”. [Why couldn’t they all just have agreed on one or two screen-sizes and resolutions? It would have made things so much easier!]

I long to read more of your silken prose. Where can I find some?

  • madra.net is my oldest continually running site [I first registered the domain name way back in 1998]. It’s supposed to be the corporate arm of my mighty business empire but never seems to quite get there. Possibly the intarwebs’s longest running “under construction” job.
  • Them’s Good Broth is my more general blog site, wherein I rail against the iniquities of a world which cursed me with just enough intelligence to realise what a shit sandwich life is —but not enough drive to do anything about it.
  • The Strife and Death of stíobhart matulevicz is a rarely updated obituary site, featuring [allegedly] humorous accounts of my periodic demise.
  • You can also find me railing, froth-lipped, against the world on Twatter as @stiobhart
  • And Herman also has a Twatter account as @carryonherman – which someday will probably be used in a really clever way, doubtless involving electricity and that kind of thing.

You’re great. Please can I give you some money?

Why, certainly. If you’re in the market for some tacky tat quality merchandise, why not visit one of my online shops at…

…wherein you will find a selection of unfunny and badly executed designs you can choose to have printed on a variety of tawdry gifts with which to embarrass a friend or loved-one.

Additionally, I’m always available for freelance Graphic Design, Animation and Web Design work.

Tech Spec for geeks and nerds

  • Hand-drawn artwork is usually produced using 2B or 4B Pencil, Pen & Ink, Brush Pen, Indian Ink, Watercolour… or any combination thereof.
  • Digital artwork is mostly produced using Photoshop and Illustrator.
  • Verbiage is written in MarkDown in either in TextMate or (Mac)VIM –depending on how geeky I’m feeling at the time. CSS is pre-processed in {Less}.
  • The site is built using Hugo and kept updated using Git via Bitbucket.
  • It is hosted in Frankfurt, Germany on a Linode VPS
  • The server is running Ubuntu Linux and the webserver is Nginx.