Atlas of Herman's Travels

This map shows Some of the places visited by us and camped at by us in Herman, as part of our world tour. As you can see, what we lack in extent of travel, we more than make up for in ‘thoroughness of coverage’. If there’s a hole in the hedge in the north-west of Ireland we haven’t got around to visiting yet, let me know and I’ll add it to our itinerary.

In order to protect the innocent and keep some of our special camping spots secret-ish, I’ve ‘de-accuratised’ the data by reducing GPS co-ordinates to two decimal places which, I’m led to believe will bring accuracy down to +/- 1 km. I’ve also removed all titles and comments from the place-markers, so they don’t reveal what they represent.

Really, this whole page was just an excuse for me to play with Mapbox.js and GeoJSON.