Useful Links

Here are some links I’ve found interesting, useful or comforting [and sometimes even all three], during my many hours spent inside, on top of and underneath Herman

[Oooh er!… that might have sounded a bit gay, if you didn’t know he was a van!]

Workshop Manuals

Once upon a time, some kind soul took the time and effort to scan some of the [now defunct] official Volkswagen workshop manuals for the LT. You can find copies of them here. Note that these are scans of old scruffy manuals, so the quality isn’t great in places and the filesizes are pretty huge. Some day, if I get the time, I might get around to OCR-ing them and making some proper digital copies.

Spares and Repairs

  • VAGCat –provide an online mirror of Volkswagen’s Electronic Parts Catalogue [ETKA]. You’ll need to register on their forum to be able to access it. Very useful for finding out the official part numbers of anything you need

UPDATE: VAGcat now seems to have gone the way of the dinosaurs. At time of writing you can find similar resouces at:

Be aware that Volkswagen ‘obsolete’ their vehicles after 20 years, which means that they no longer produce spares for that model, after that time. This means that very often you won’t be able to obtain official VW parts as the stock is finite and dwindling. Up until about two or three years ago, I had a pretty good success rate, with VW being able to source most of the parts I needed. Of late, however, every time I’ve tried, it’s been a case of “computer says no”, as the parts were obsoleted and the remaining stock gone.

Armed with the official VW part no.s though, you can still get 3rd party parts [of varying qualities] from a number of places:

  • eBay –sometimes a good source of used parts, from vans being broken
  • GSF –can usually source service items such as filters, brake parts, etc. and get them pretty quickly. However, quality can range from OK to piss-poor. I’ve had a steering lock from GSF split in half whilst bolting it on and a wheel cylinder crack, after under a year’s use. I certainly wouldn’t use them again for anything that I needed to depend on in an emergency.
  • Brickwerks –also see “The Brick-Yard” below. Run by VW enthusiasts, their stock is mainly aimed at T25/T3 owners. But they do have a small selection of LT parts. Quality is usually very good although their high P&P costs make it a bit impractical to buy from there, unless you’re ordering a lot of stuff at once.

Sites And/With Forums

  • The Brick-Yard forum is well worth a visit. It has a dedicated LT section, where you can get advice from lots of friendly, helpful and knowledgeable LT folks… as well as half-witted suggestions from the odd eejit like myself.

  • FurgoVW —is a Spanish language forum for VW camper owners. I visit it the odd time, when I’m feeling the urge to practice my Spanish in a camper-themed environment. Like the ‘Brickies’, they also seem to be a friendly bunch of lads and lasses

  • Horizons Unlimited —is a site [with a forum called The Hubb] for wannabe travellers. It’s mainly directed towards folks wanting to do the whole ‘Long Way Round’ thing on motorbikes, but there’s also some interesting stuff on there about travelling in 4x4s, vans and trucks.

  • Bushcraft UK —which also has a good forum is, as the name suggests mostly about Bushcraft and proper ‘manly’ camping by the kind of folks who need nothing more than an empty crisp packet to roll themselves in at night. But I’m guessing that [like me], if you’re interested in camping and tinkering with old machinery, you’ll probably be interested in that kind of thing too. Anyway, there are always plenty of interesting articles and discussions on gadgets and equipment.

*[I’m known as madra on most of those forums. Give me a wave, if you drop in]*