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April 2014 –Whitby Goth Weekend
28 Apr 2014
Off to Whitby for the bi-annual Goth Weekend and one of Herman’s favourite climbs; the hills up round Sleights, which he gets to sail down on the way in and struggle up at about 5mph in his crawler gear, on the way back out again. With accommodation at the usual premium, we weren’t as lucky as we might have been this time and, although we got a nice cottage, there was no parking at all near it.... [ Read More ]
30 Jan 2014
Roll out the rock The Broadcast Television course at college has been getting a new sound booth built over the past few weeks. I’ve been keeping a weather eye on the proceedings and chatting to the bloke doing the work and I asked that, if there was going to be any of the Rockwool he was using for the insulation left, he’d let me know and I might buy it off him.... [ Read More ]
28 Dec 2013
Just a mini outing for Herman today. We’re looking after one of the in-law’s dogs for a few days, while they do the Christmas visiting rounds. So, as said beastie is only slighlty less manic than [Lee Evans]( on speed, we nipped to Chorlton Meadows for a bit, to try and tire her out. Cue an hour or so of tennis ball chucking and fetching, with the word ‘fetching’ used in the sense of ‘bringing the ball back to within a few feet of you and then running away with it again, when you go to take it –then wondering why you aren’t throwing it for her any more’.... [ Read More ]
Car Jamming
23 Dec 2013
Today we made the crazy decision to nip to Asda for a few wee bits’n’bobs we needed. We should have known better than to venture forth on the penultimate shopping day before Christmas! This snap doesn't do justice to the chaos throughout the vast acreage of the carpark After initially taking an abortive look at the Asda near us in Hulme and seeing the size of the queue of cars waiting to get in, we decided to go down to the one by the Trafford Centre in the vain hope that this one might not be so hard to get to, given the ‘retail other attractions’ and copious car-parking in the area.... [ Read More ]
Ireland... and So Forth
23 Aug 2013
After the short test-run between Malin beg and St. John’s Point had proved eventless, we were reassured that it was safe to venture further afield, without having to worry about Herman causing his own version of the Torrey Canyon Disaster, any time we went near a beach anywhere. And, as it turned out, we had no further problems. So, rather than a tedious day-by-day breakdown [pun intended!] of where we went each day and when, here are a few snaps of the remainder of our sojourn in the Emerald Isle.... [ Read More ]
St. John's Point
15 Aug 2013
Having botched together the Oil Pressure Sensor, we didn’t want to go ‘too far too soon’, until we were satisfied it was working properly to stem any leakages. So we headed off to a spot [metaphorically] just round the corner; St. John’s Point, again in Co. donegal. Happy to say that, on arrival there, my inspections showed that both Oil Pressure Sensors were ‘keeping their noses dry’. So, in lieu of anything disasterous to entertain you with, here are a couple of gratuitous shots of Herman enjoying the view.... [ Read More ]
Sensor-Y Overload
13 Aug 2013
Well, I knew it was too good to last! Malin Beg, Co, Donegal After a few days relaxing at Marble Hill strand, we headed off to another of our regular haunts; Malin Beg [also in Donegal]. It’s a bit of a trek to get there, through some pretty remote and mountainous roads. So, with the LTs’ legendary hill-climbing abilities, it always gives Herman[s] a good work out.... [ Read More ]
Yer Heid's a Marley [Hill]!
10 Aug 2013
A hundred miles or so up the Antrim Coast Road, across into Donegal over the Foyle Bridge in Derry and our first night’s camping spot was a new discovery for us: Marble hill Beach. This way... No problems from Herman, who purred like the proverbial kitten all the way and, what’s more important –no bloody oil leaks. Hurrah! Marble Hill Beach. Herman relaxing by the shore Not a bad view from the front, er.... [ Read More ]
Sensor-Tive Type
09 Aug 2013
Well, first off, a big thumbs up to Agnew’s VW commercial of Mallusk. I rung them yesterday afternoon [9th] to score a new Oil Pressure Sensor, having decided that it must be the sensor itself that was leaking, rather than the join between it and the engine block. The guy in the parts dept. took the order but said he couldn’t get the new switch for me until Tuesday [13th] which wouldn’t be much good to me as I was planning to get off on my travels today [10th].... [ Read More ]
Copper Bottom
08 Aug 2013
Decided to have one last go at sealing the Oil-pressure Sensor today, before I’m left to conclude that it’s the sensor itself which is the source of the leak and not the join between it and the engine block. I nipped off to Hellfords and scored a box of mixed size copper washers, in the hope that, amongst the range therein, would be some the right size for the job. Then it was off with the recalcitrant sensor again.... [ Read More ]
Belvoir Cheese
06 Aug 2013
Off for a run out today to Belvoir Forest Park, just south of Belfast. I made sure to give Herman’s oil level a check before we set off and, although he’s still leaking like a bugger, the level had only gone down by about half a cm on the dipstick, after a meandering drive of around 30 or 40 miles. Not great, but at least it means if I’m unable to stop the leak at the mo’, he’s usable “as is” –so long as we keep a good stash of top-up oil handy.... [ Read More ]
Oil, Man
04 Aug 2013
Well, I knew my smugness at finding a low mileage LT with an engine which didnae leak oil would not go unpunished for long and so it has turned out. As you will have read, being the attentive viewer that you are, I put Herman through his MOT last week and got an advisory on an ‘oil leak’ which was a bit of a bummer, as he’d not been dripping at all when I first got him.... [ Read More ]
Homeward Bound
02 Aug 2013
Well, after several weeks of frantic last minute carpentering tinkering and tweaking, it was finally time to declare “it is what it is” as the day had arrived for Herman’s mission to Ireland for my annual visit home to see the oul’ mammy, with a week or so’s wild camping thrown in as well. He’s nowhere near finished yet, but at least he’s vaguely liveable-in. We’ve got a bed, a sink and a few cupboards.... [ Read More ]
01 Aug 2013
Also today, I thought I’d get the boring hassle part of wiring in the split charge system again out of the way, so I heaved off the engine cover and wired in the feed lead from the alternator. Not that interesting really but, just for the hell of it, here are a couple of pics I took by shoving my phone down the back of the alternator and shining a torch on it, so I could suss out which terminal was which, as I couldnae see them by looking down into the engine bay.... [ Read More ]
Window Pain
01 Aug 2013
The astute reader will recall that the task of getting Herman’s windows painted out has caused me no end of gyp Exhibit A, Exhibit B. Well, a couple of weeks back, I discovered some great gear called Isoflex Liquid Rubber roof sealant which claimed on the tin to stick to pretty much anything, including glass. I bought a tin of it and , after sanding down the re-occurring bubbles on a couple of Herman’s windows, I gave them a good slabbering of that stuff.... [ Read More ]
Boxing Clever
31 Jul 2013
Back to work on Mazza’s patented Box-O-Flap-O-Table today, which is going to complete the bed base, provide the necessary support for our carcasses and in no way collapse the first time we lie down on it, thus causing Laurel & Hardy themed frivolity. Here is the centre section in its guise as the table With a cunning flick of the wrist, flaps on each side lift up and rest on bolsters attached to the two slatted bed bases, thus filling the gaping chasm between them:... [ Read More ]
MOT the Hoopla
31 Jul 2013
Even I don’t know what the feck that’s supposed to mean! Anyway, this morning I took Herman back for his MOT retest. When I got to the garage the guy said he’d just started on another motor, so it would be about half-an-hour before Herman could go ‘back on the slab’ again. I wandered outside, thinking to go off for a walk for a bit and found a bloke ‘admiring’ Herman.... [ Read More ]
Whacks, Cylinder
30 Jul 2013
So, today I had to take a day out from the urgent inner carpentry missioning to try and get the MOT shenanigans sorted. I went to VW yesterday to try and score the a new wheel cylinder or a repair kit for the old one and found out that both those parts have now been obsoleted. It seems like VW have finally abandoned the series 1 LTs. After a promising start to the proceedings a few years back, when I was able to get pretty much all I wanted for Herman 1, I’ve found that, of late [the past year and a half, or so] every part I’ve asked them for has been obsoleted.... [ Read More ]
Ticket to [Not] Ride
28 Jul 2013
As if all the anal bollox of trying to knock the inside of Herman into some kind of shape, whilst still doing the 9-to–5 grind wasnae hassle enough, I was also faced with the ordeal of getting him MOT’d, before heading off on holiday, as well. Booked into my usual [for now] garage and took him down first thing on Monday morning. I have to admit that I didnae give him much of a going over beforehand –just did an oil and filter change and hoped for the best.... [ Read More ]
Bridging Brief
27 Jul 2013
Mazza came up with a back-of-an-envelope idea for a kind of foldy-out box thing, which would sit between the bed bases in the guise of a table during the day and then at night, the sides would fold out and it would become the bridge between the two bed bases and thus complete the rickety ensemble. It sounded as good a half-witted scheme as any, so I decided to go for it.... [ Read More ]