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How to Waste Twenty-Three Quid
17 Feb 2013
As I’ve mentioned before, Herman2 is a bit too ‘blessed’ with windows for my liking. I prefer my campers a bit more stealthy and a bit less “Look at me sitting about in my grundies everyone!” I’ve considered various methods of obscuring some of the windows, ranging from welding metal plate over them, to using vinyl, to fibreglassing over them, to painting them out. My initial experiments with fibreglass were a less than stellar success so, next up, I thought I’d try the painting option.... [ Read More ]
Happy as a Sanding Boy
17 Feb 2013
Lots of fun and larks today, as I got down to the varied and interesting past-time that is sanding down rust patches to bare metal and then prepping them for painting with Vactan. What can I tell you, that would fully capture all the excitement and every subtle nuance of this exhilerating task? Well, sometimes my hand went forward, sometimes my hand went backwards and sometimes my hand made various circular movements.... [ Read More ]
Roofing Again
16 Feb 2013
Today I was a bit lazy and didnae haul my arse outside til gone lunchtime. However, I did manage to get the sides of the roof scrubbed down and painted, before darkness fell. So now I’m ready to start tackling the sides and front. Here we go again Herman2's lid complete ... [ Read More ]
Green Acres
09 Feb 2013
Up on the roof again today, to finally get down to spreading some paint about. It was a bit of a dreary, drab, overcast oul’ day but thankfully the rain just about held off until I managed to get all of the top of Herman2’s roof done in his new Olive Drab livery. Here I am in full perching & painting action Job's a good 'un! Glad that’s out of the way.... [ Read More ]
02 Feb 2013
One man on a tub… Back out this morning to rejoin battle with the forces of grime and the evil empire of skank that have colonised Herman2’s roof. The astute reader will remember that, last week, I retired to the pavillion beaten, after a half-arsed attempt to clean the roof, using the equivalent of lukewarm tramp’s piss and a Ken Dodd tickling stick. This morning, I returned to the fray, better armed.... [ Read More ]
A Touch of Glass
01 Feb 2013
As I’m planning to get rid of most of Herman2’s vast window acreage, just keeping the wee port-hole ones and the slidey open top sections of the back ones, I’ve been musing on the best way of covering over the offending glass. I dinnae really fancy welding [or more likely getting someone less cac-handed than me to weld] metal plate over them, as I’d have to strip the inner walls of the van beforehand, to stop them going on fire.... [ Read More ]
Twat on a Cold Fibreglass Roof
27 Jan 2013
Bit of an abortive mission this afternoon. I decided to make a start on the nasty job of cleaning Herman2’s roof. This task was not made any easier by the fact that I couldnae find a decent scrubbing brush in the house We didnae have any sugar soap left So I had to embark on the soggy challenge armed only with a bucket full of hot water mixed with screen wash and a crappy scrubbing attachment off an old floor mop, which couldnae scrub the skin of a rice pudding.... [ Read More ]
The Vinyl Solution
26 Jan 2013
I bet I made that excruciating pun last time as well! Outside in the freezing cold this morning, armed with the step-ladder and my trusty heat gun, to tackle the vinyl lettering on Herman2, prior to beginning his new paint job. OK guys. You're first! Either Herman2’s lettering hadnae bedded in as much as that on Herman1, or else my technique has improved over the intervening years because It was not as much of a complete ball-ache as I remember it being last time.... [ Read More ]
Colour Theory
25 Jan 2013
Me and the missus decided it would be an insult to the memory of the original Herman and the dead generations from whence he sprung, to paint the new upstart in the traditional family livery of black Hammerite. So we decided we’d do the new guy in some nice post-apocalypse olive drab instead. I bought five litres of [supposedly] hard-wearing olive drab military paint off eBay on Wednesday and it arrived via courier this morning.... [ Read More ]
Standing Room Only
20 Jan 2013
Today marked the first step in the long road towards turning Herman2 into a camper. I’d listed the bus seats on eBay yesterday and had someone email to ask what I wanted for them [I said £125 for cash] and to say they’d come and pick them up on Sunday.  Let the de-bussing begin! It took me about an hour or two to get all the seats out.... [ Read More ]
Bon Voyage, Old Pal
18 Jan 2013
Well, there wasnae a dry eye in the house tonight, as Earl [for that was his monicker] turned up to pay me the rest of the cash and take Herman away. We did the transaction and paperwork and then, after about ten mins waiting, the recovery truck turned up and I went for my last drive in Herman, up the ramp onto the back of the truck. End of the road.... [ Read More ]
Say Hello, Wave Goodbye
16 Jan 2013
With Herman2 added to the family, there now came the sad task of selling Herman1. I first put an ad on the brickyard forum but didnae get much response, apart from good luck wishes from my fellow LTers and a few requests for parts, which I couldnae help with, due to needing the beast gone in one piece. So I stuck Herman1 up for sale on the dreaded eBay: I was quite surprised to see the amount of watchers mount up pretty quickly, until there were about 80-odd.... [ Read More ]
And Then There Were Two!
09 Jan 2013
Well, dear readers. It is at this point we come to the beginning of the end of the adventures of Herman. However, aficionados of pictures of middle-aged old punks, covered in oil and staring in bewilderment at engine pieces, fear not! –for there is more to come on this ‘ere corner of the intarwebs. Read on and all will be revealed! I’ve been sticking a few pennies away at the end of the month for a year or two now, with the long-term aim of some day upgrading to a newer van.... [ Read More ]
Changing the Cambelt
12 Oct 2012
[This post, relating to changing the cambelt is compiled from a thread I originally posted here on the Brickyard Forum. Therefore the wording might not be up to my usual incredible literary standards, as it’s cobbled together from various bits and some stuff will be taken a bit out of context] Well, I started the preliminary work on this on Sunday evening, so there’s no going back now! Didnae get that much done before ‘bad light stopped play’ —just the header tank, fan cowling and fan ducts off, prior to removing the radiator, as apparently this makes the job a lot easier.... [ Read More ]
Boxing Clever
06 Oct 2012
That bane of my life, Herman’s fusebox had been playing funny buggers again lately. You remember a while back I opened it up, stripped it down, found it full of water and rust and put it back together again, with plenty of silicone sealant. Well, that seemed to do the trick for quite a while, but then recently, on a couple of ocassions I’ve heard some electrical fizzing noises coming from it when I had the lights on at night and then, in the last few days, the bloody hazards and indicators have packed in [again!... [ Read More ]
31 Aug 2012
Annual visit home to see the wee mammy and do a bit of camping round some of our favourite places in the west of Ireland. Believe it or not, absolutely nothing at all went wrong with Herman on the entire trip, including 200 odd mile drive to and from Scotland, at either end. Here is the obligatory selection of Herman’s holiday snaps. As ever, they are chosen for the fact Herman’s managed to get his ugly mug into shot, rather than for any artistic merit.... [ Read More ]
Helps You Breathe More Easily
09 Aug 2012
Today I treated Herman to a new air filter, in the fanciful reckoning that the ability to breathe a bit easier might be worth an extra mile an hour to the boy [with a following wind]. I actually had to ask my fellow LT-owners on the Brickyard Forum where the air filter lived, as I’d never been able to find it. The reason why not is because it’s quite cleverly hidden.... [ Read More ]
04 Aug 2012
After the shenanigans with the handbrake cable and the recalcitrant wheel nut, Herman made the trip to Anglesey and back without further incident. Here he is relaxing, surrounded by his farmyard buddies. Herman and friends He even featured in one of my Scroodls, over the weekend: ... [ Read More ]
Braking Strain
02 Aug 2012
Yesterday morning I took Herman out for a quick spin to pick up some vital supplies [ie. stacks of booze] for a visit to my old mate Baz in Anglesey two days hence. With the impeccable timing that has been a feature of my ownership of Herman, he suddenly decided to start making an alarming grinding sound, every time I hit the brakes, while driving home. Luckily it was only a couple of miles to the shops so, by dint of cautious driving and plenty of engine braking, I was able to get back home without too much application of brake pedal.... [ Read More ]
The Abominable Snow Herman Returns
04 Feb 2012
Nothing interesting Herman-related to report for quite a while. So here, to satisfy my legions of devoted followers the old man and his dog who occasionally walk past this site, is a nice piccie of Herman being snowed on. Everybody say aaaawww! ... [ Read More ]