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Floor Show Revisited
28 Jul 2010
Back to “Operation Floor Botch” today. Several more hours cutting, tin-snipping, hacksawing and wire-brushing and I’d cut out most of the rust that was cuttable out, without resorting to heavyweight equipment. I then gave everything a damn good going over with the wire brush attachment on my drill to get it all down to as near bare metal as I could and lathered the lot with Vactan to hopefully stop any new rust forming.... [ Read More ]
Holey Show
26 Jul 2010
Against my better judgement, I thought I’d clear out the back of the van today and take a look at how bad the holes in the floor around Herman’s wheel arches were. Not a pretty sight. This is a notoriously rust-prone area on LTs and Herman’s not been standing at the back of the queue when it came to getting his helping. Thankfully, because these old LTs have a separate galvanised truck-like chassis, none of this is structural, but I thought I should make some kind of attempt to treat it before it spread even more.... [ Read More ]
Leccy Cupboard
24 Jul 2010
A bit more internal tidying up today. I thought it was about time the leisure battery and split charge system had somewhere to live, instead of just sitting inside the side door, getting in the way. So I knocked up this crude but ‘does-the-job’ leccy cupboard from some of the spare timber I had left lying around. Leisure battery and split charge system Let's see what we can knock together out of some bits of leftover wood.... [ Read More ]
Bright Spark
22 Jul 2010
Today was the day I finally solved the niggling problem of Herman’s alternator. The astute reader will remember that it has been giving me gyp since I first bought the van and I’ve made at least two abortive attempts to sort it out before: Exhibit A, Exhibit B. Having a split charge system and hence a spare battery has ameliorated the problem somewhat, in that I’ve got into the habit of swapping the batteries round every couple of weeks and charging up the one I’ve just taken off the ignition circuit, but it’s a pain in the arse carrying a heavy duty battery up two flights of stairs, every time I need to put it on the charger in the flat.... [ Read More ]
Let There Be Light
20 Jul 2010
A few days ago whilst visiting that little corner of Manchester, which will forever be Stepford [ie. B&Q in Old Trafford], I came across this packet of six brass downlights in the bargain bin, for a fiver. How could you go wrong at that price? Just the right look to complement Herman’s rustic timber interior. Only one problem tho’, the lights were 240v only. Still, I thought it would work out cheaper to buy them at this knock-down price and convert them, than to splash out on some 12v versions.... [ Read More ]
Raising the Roof
10 Jul 2010
In a final heroic effort today, me and Mazza finished off panelling Herman’s roof and the last sections of the upper side wall panels. Not much else to say really. Cut, cut, drill, drill, screw, screw… rinse then repeat until complete: Before After Mazza, putting the finishing touches to the day's work ... [ Read More ]
Island Hopping
19 Jun 2010
After all the misery and death of blow-outs on the motorway, niggling electrical problems and too long throttle cables, it’s nice to report a bit of fun with Herman, for a change: Off to Anglesey for the weekend for a bit of summer solstice shenanigans and camping out in Herman on my mate’s farm. The boy didnae miss a beat there and back, his new shoes allowed him to get on and off the field, without so much as a wheelspin – and he also doubled as a scrumpy cooler, when the weather turned ridiculously hot.... [ Read More ]
Throttle Back
12 Jun 2010
Off to VW, this morning, for a new throttle cable to replace the one which snapped on ‘the day which will go down in infamy’. When I got home and tried to attach it, I found that either I’d picked up the wrong one, the design had changed, over the years, or Herman’s injector pump sits further forward than it should do. For, whatever reason, the cable was a couple of cm too long, so was flopping about like the proverbial limp dick.... [ Read More ]
New Shoes
31 May 2010
Well, after Herman’s unfortunate loss of footwear, on the way to Whitby, the other week, it was time to pony up for a new pair of shoes [or, to be more exact, two pairs of shoes] for the lad. On 26th May, I ordered a set of four Kumho 857 215⁄80 R14 Q (112), 8Ply from Blackcircles, who I’ve used before and found pretty good to deal with. Then went down on 28th to have them fitted.... [ Read More ]
Snatching Defeat From the Jaws of Victory
21 Apr 2010
Well, after my heroic ‘charging round like a blue-arsed fly’ efforts to get Herman MOT’d and taxed, ready for my expedition to Whitby this morning, I thought that the fates might leave me alone to enjoy my weekend away and go and make someone else’s life a misery for a change. How wrong was I!… Heading along the M62 towards Leeds, just near junction 23 for Huddersfield there is an almighty bang and the van tries to veer across two lanes of motorway.... [ Read More ]
Get In!
20 Apr 2010
Woohoo! - Herman’s all MOT’d up and i’ve stuck 6 months tax* on him. So presumably have doubled the value of my investment now. A passing cameraman captured the moment when i got my MOT certificate * [£112,75 for six months - bloody robbing bastards! It’s not that long since it was £97 for 12 months –and it had gone up by £8 in the time between the DVLA sending me out the reminder letter last month and me taxing it today]... [ Read More ]
A Bitch About a Switch
19 Apr 2010
Picked up a new foglamp switch today from VW - £22 feckin’ quid for a plastic rocker switch. I was at least expecting it to be gold-plated at that price! I think the MOT man might have sent me on a fool’s errand anyway. When I got the new switch and plugged it in, I thought at first that either it was bust, or the wiring was knackered, because it didnae light up at all.... [ Read More ]
MOT Post-Post-Mortem
17 Apr 2010
Well, I’ve been out for a tinker tonight and sorted the diesel leak problem. It was one of those bloody leak-off pipes had split again. They’re the bane of my life. They seemed OK at the MOT station where I went. I just took him to the same place as the old MOT cert said he’d been done last time, as I knew they’d have a tall enough shed to fit him through the door.... [ Read More ]
MOT Post-Mortem
15 Apr 2010
Well, I’ve just been out for a post-mortem: Swopped a couple of fuses around and my hazards started working again. So obviously a loose fuse [yet again!] Detached the horn from the steering wheel to check the connections - at which point it naturally started blaring away for all it was worth. Put it back on the wheel again and it shut up. [The horn has been like this from day one.... [ Read More ]
M.O.T - N.O.T
15 Apr 2010
Well, Herman went in for his MOT today and failed - but I’m not too gutted. Things got off to a bad start, before I even got there; I did a quick walk round check of the electrics before setting off and found one of the mini telltale indicators on the side wasnae working [sorted that with a quick sandpapering of the terminal -just a dodgy connection]. Then one of the headlamps decided not to go on full beam [another twiddle, this time with the fuse sorted that].... [ Read More ]
SORNly the Lonely
11 Apr 2010
Well, Herman’s tax ran out at the beginning of the month and –seeing as how he’s currently without an MOT, I had to declare him SORN. That should give me a bit of added incentive to get the few remaining minor niggles sorted, that I reckon will need doing before I can MOT him.... [ Read More ]
Floor Show
09 Apr 2010
Today, to give my arms a rest from working overhead for hours at a time, I thought I’d set my sights a bit lower and rip up Herman’s carpet and filthy plywood flooring and see what horrors lay beneath. From having lifted the carpeting and boards at the edges, I already knew he had a couple of hefty holes in his floor, around the wheel arches –a common problem with LTs, apparently– but I’d never seen what the centre of the floor was like.... [ Read More ]
14 Mar 2010
Today, we started using up our stash of Pergo flooring that we sniped off eBay, to panel the walls. First up was the annoying, kind of sloping, kind of curving space between the edge of the roof and the flattish sides. It was a fairly straightforward job, although that Pergo stuff disnae half take a toll on sawblades and drillbits. The veneer on it is as hard as iron. O well - at least it should be pretty hardwearing then!... [ Read More ]
I Snipe Pergo I Am
06 Mar 2010
At the weekend Mazza sniped a load of Pergo flooring plus underlay on Fleabay for £21. Apparently this represents good bargain hunting, as Mazza assures me that Pergo is the dog’s bollox, when it comes to poncey interior decor and all that. So scoring a load of it for a pony [as Del Boy might say] was a ‘bit of a steal’. We went to pick it up tonight from some posh gaff out towards Didsbury way.... [ Read More ]