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More of Same
20 Feb 2010
Today, I finished off panelling the underside of the roof with the big sheets of hardboard. Nothing much to report in the way of anecdotes or incident -unless you count the fact that I broke one of my 3mm drill bits as worthy of comment? …Nah. I didnae think you would Anyway, here we have it: At last the mighty hardboard expedition reaches the back doors. View from front to back View from back to front Well, that’s it for now.... [ Read More ]
I'll Be Ceiling You...
18 Feb 2010
Freshly armed with my new stash of wood, I thought I’d strike while the iron was hot and crack on with panelling out Herman’s roof. I’m going to start at the top and work down, as I’ll need to get some welding done on the holes in the floor, before I start boarding over the lower regions. Anyway, we’d already insulated the inside of the roof with that bargain bucket fibreglass we got a few weeks ago.... [ Read More ]
Wooden It Be Nice
18 Feb 2010
Well, with the snows of winter seemingly behind us at last, we thought it was time to crack on with actually doing some boarding out on Herman. I’d had enough of staggering round the livingroom, clutching my wallet, when I saw the ridiculous prices plywood sheets seemed to fetch these days [even on fleabay], so I had a search round on the intarwebs for something a bit cheaper and nastier.... [ Read More ]
The Abominable Snow-Van Returns
05 Jan 2010
Some more heavy snowfalls and Herman once more dons his festive hat and scarf. We took him out one day to go shopping when it wasnae this bad -and when we got back it took half an hour to get up the very slight incline, leading into our carpark. I had to dig two trenches through the ice in front of his wheels for him to slither up. Poor lad. He wasnae exactly at the front of the queue when off-road ability was being handed out!... [ Read More ]
In the Meadow We Can Build a Snow[Her]man
22 Dec 2009
Nothing to report, tinker-wise, but here’s a nice pic of Herman looking all festive, during the recent heavy snow we had. [memo to self: take his bloody hallowe’en broom off, will ye!]... [ Read More ]
Charged GBH
20 Nov 2009
I noticed someone was breaking an LT on eBay so I emailed him to see if he still had the alternator. He did, so I snaffled it for £30 and then, when it arrived, spent the most infuriating afternoon I’ve had in a long time, removing the old one and fitting the new one. Now I’ve worked on many a motor in my time and done many a job that had me wanting to headbutt brick walls in sheer frustration.... [ Read More ]
Woo! Scary!
03 Nov 2009
With winter getting ever nearer, we’d got to the time of year when it’s dark by the time I get home from work in the afternoon and usually too bloody wet’n’cold at the weekend to go out and work on the van, even if I wanted to. So work on Herman has pretty much stopped for the next few months, until I come out of hibernation again. That’s not to say he hasnae had an adventure or two.... [ Read More ]
Herman in Ireland
29 Aug 2009
Well, after making our bed and table and doing a bit more tidying up inside, we were ready for the off. We insulated and panelled the bottom halves of the back doors and Mazza knocked up a dinky pair of curtains for the back windows and we were as ready as we’d ever be. I also picked up a cheapo leisure battery from Atlas Auto Electrics on Stretford Road: I couldnae resist, when I nipped into to have a mosey at their camping gear and saw they had a big pile of Platinum Leisure Plus 110aH leisure batteries for £62,50.... [ Read More ]
Table for Two
07 Aug 2009
OK -folks. On with the show. You’ll remember that the previous evening had seen us retire to the pavillion with the following arrangement constructed in the back of Herman. The state of play from the night before During the night, my subconscious chewed over the problem and, in the morning I had a plan! -off to B&Q for some heavy duty Velcro and a couple of piano hinges.... [ Read More ]
Alternator Ulsterman
07 Aug 2009
[Jeebus! -that’s the worst one yet!] With the long nights drawing in, I found myself driving Herman in the dark a few days back, on the way back from Mazza’s mum & dad’s. I noticed that his charge warning light was glowing very faintly and slightly less faintly, when I had to put my headlights on. So today, working on the tried & trusted ‘try the cheapest remedy first’ approach, I thought it was time to fit a new alternator belt and see if that helped things along.... [ Read More ]
Leaky Leak-Offs
07 Aug 2009
I mentioned previously that I wasnae totally convinced that the new leak-off pipes I’d fitted to the injectors were tight enough to make a completely airtight seal and, sure enough, when I was tinkering about with the alternator drive belt earlier in the day, I’d notcied that there was a bit of diesel leaking out around the pipes, where they pushed onto the injector bleed nipples. Not having any hoseclips of a suitably petite size, I did what I do best -botched the fucker improvised cleverly; I got some fancy thickish wire that mazza had left over from when she did a jewellery course at college a while back and I wired the ends of all the leak-off pipes, to stop them pulling off the nipples and hopefully give a better seal.... [ Read More ]
Bed Heads
06 Aug 2009
Due to having to start back at work after the summer earlier than usual this year, me and Mazza were going to do our annual fortnight in Ireland [a week visiting the mammy and a week camping in the wilds] a month earlier. We usually go mid to late September. This year we were going the middle two weeks in August. When we got Herman, we’d thought he’d be all converted up by the time we went away in him but, as we all know, work expands to fill the available time and we were nowhere near ready.... [ Read More ]
06 Aug 2009
Today, I decided to do something about the bare plywood ceiling Herman’s cab has had, ever since I ripped out the skanky old headlining material. I had two big pieces of blue coloured, quite heavy canvas type material that had previously been covering one of those portable partition type thingies which you get in offices and which was in my wood stash for a while - before I realised I’d never use it in Herman and binned it.... [ Read More ]
Pack O' Tubes!*
27 Jul 2009
About the same time I scored my non-return fuel valve off ebay [see ‘The Point of Non-Return’], I also ordered a shitload of new fuel lines from Butts of Bawtry, as I was fully prepared to have to rip out all Herman’s fuel lines and replace the lot since, up to that point, I had no luck whatsoever in trying to banish the accursed bubbles from his fuel system - in spite of having crawled all over it, checking and tightening every bloody inch of the damn thing.... [ Read More ]
The Point of Non-Return
20 Jul 2009
Well, today I finally put paid to Herman’s occasional recalcitrance when it comes to starting and likewise said farewell to having to watch a diesel pipe that might as well have been pumping Coca Cola into the pump with the amount of bloody bubbles that were zipping past my helpless gaze. I scored myself this nifty non-return valve off eBay [for about a fiver, if memory serves me right] I apologise humbly and wholeheartedly for the piss-poor out of focus photography.... [ Read More ]
Dripping and Ripping
17 Jul 2009
Another attempt to find the mysterious source of the indoor lake, which laps contentedly round the vast and lonely shores of Herman’s bleak passenger side footwell. Owing to the fact that LTs are notorious for leaking in at the corners of their windscreens, this looked the most likely candidate. However, unlike most LTs, Herman’s windscreen surround is pretty much rust free, which makes it difficult to spot anywhere that rain might be getting in.... [ Read More ]
Clocking On
12 Jul 2009
Today I’m going to take you on a journey into time! It had been bugging me for a while that Herman’s clock didnae work. I wouldnae usually be that bothered about something so trivial, but VW have seen fit to make the clock in the LT the size of a dinner plate and stick it right in the middle of the instrument panel. So it’s quite difficult to disregard the fact that the hands are stubbornly refusing to move.... [ Read More ]
Bumper Vans -Part 02
30 May 2009
The weekend cometh and it’s time to don my wrestling gauntlets and go out to do battle with Herman’s bumpers again. I’d found a nice box of chunky nuts’n’bolts in my toolbox, which looked the right size to attach the bumpers to the brackets. So I was at least saved the annoyance of having to make a soul-destroying visit to the ever-useless Halfords. That still left me with the task of getting the remnants of the old bolts out of the brackets tho’.... [ Read More ]
Bumper Vans -Part 01
26 May 2009
Yesterday, me and Mazza went off on an excursion to Derby, to pick up a set of rear bumpers for Herman from fellow Brickyard Forum member Icky. No problems at all with Herman in getting there and, in his first run out into undulating territory since I adjusted up the clutch, he seemed to cope OK with the hills down around the Peak District. The only thing that slowed us up really was the fact that it was a bank holiday, and the sun was shining; so there was traffic a-plenty clogging the roads.... [ Read More ]
Chair-Man of the Board
24 May 2009
A couple of days ago I found a big sheet of 6mm plywood, about 8’ x 4’, leaning against the railings at the corner of the road. It was a bit smashed up at one side and had a hole about a foot long along another edge. But I reckoned there was at least some salvageable wood in there. So I stuck it in the back of Herman. This Sunday afternoon, after a morning spent wrestling Bindweed and Horse Tails down at the allotment, followed by a hearty lunch of Mazza’s speciality spicy stuffed peppers, I found I still had enough energy left in my bloated carcass to take myself outside and ponder on the prospects of using said piece of plywood to make a token start of panelling Herman’s interior.... [ Read More ]