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Silicon Enhancements
23 May 2009
Today I decided to take advantage of the fact that the rain had stopped and a mysterious yellow light had appeared in the heavens - I decided to Christen it ‘The Trouser Press’ -and investigate the cause of one of Herman’s less desireable features; the fact that he has an indoor swimming pool, located in the passenger side footwell. It disnae show up very well in the photos, but there's a trickle of water dripping from the folded up floor mat [which is soaked] and puddling in the footwell.... [ Read More ]
Chips Away!
16 May 2009
This weekend, I decided to take on quite possibly the smallest job to date; namely fixing a wee chip in Herman’s windscreen. It’s only about half a cm long and not in the driver’s line of sight, so it wouldnae be an MOT failure, but every time I see that advert on the telly [I think it’s for some windscreen replacement company], where the guy drives over a bump and -with a loud ‘Crrrikkk!... [ Read More ]
Clutching at Straws
02 May 2009
Well, following on from Herman’s embarrassing hill-climbing exploits in Whitby the other week and also from some advice I got on the Brickyard Forum, I decided to see if his clutch just needed adjusting up, before resigning myself to the complete arse of a job that would be replacing it. I perused the workshop manual for the correct settings and found that the clutch pedal should have 20mm of freeplay in it.... [ Read More ]
23 Apr 2009
Not content with going to the far western fringes of wales a week or two ago, this weekend, Herman turned his flat fizzer in the opposite direction and headed off to Whitby on the North Yorkshire coast for our annual trip to WGW. Hulme to Whitby -Herman adventure no.2 Hulme to Whitby [close-up] -Herman adventure no.2 No problems at all on the way there. He chugged along merrily for the three hours or so the journey took and only used about half a tank of diesel.... [ Read More ]
Fun in the Sun
19 Apr 2009
Just a brief tinkering session on Herman today. There’s not really much else major I can be getting on with, until I get some sheet steel and a bit of welding practice under my belt - and then I’ll patch up the holes in his floor, so we can start panelling him out. It was such a lovely day tho’, that I just wanted to get out of the house for an hour or so - especially since it’s back to work tomorrow, after my two weeks off for Easter!... [ Read More ]
Island Hopping
12 Apr 2009
Well, this morning Herman went on his first great adventure; me and Mazza’s long trek [well, about 140 miles] down to visit my mate Baz in Anglesey for the Easter weekend. Hulme to Anglesey - Herman adventure no. 1 Hulme to Anglesey [Close-Up]- Herman adventure no. 1 No problems whatsoever on the way down; Herman cruised along quite happily at around 55mph, topped 65mph a few times on the downhill bits and even scaled the dizzying heights of 67mph during one particularly ferocious overtaking manoeuvre on a trundling-along caravan.... [ Read More ]
Maiden Voyage of the Good Ship Herman
03 Apr 2009
A momentous day in motoring history! This morning my tax disc arrived in the post, and Herman was officially road legal. I was itching to get out in him all day but unfortunately had work. I might have inadvertently let my afternoon class out a wee bit early, but this was entirely due to the fact it was the last day of term before Easter and not in any way connected with the fact I wanted to get home early so I could take Herman for his ‘maiden voyage’.... [ Read More ]
Hot, Steamy, Pussy
29 Mar 2009
The groaning sound you can hear is the disappointment of a dozen ‘one-handed surfers’, taken in by today’s incredibly witty and original title. Since, as I mentioned previously, I’m at the thumb-twiddling stage now, until I tax Herman at the end of the month, I thought I’d take advantage of blue skies and sunshine to throw the oul’ vacuum cleaner round the inside of Herman’s cab, fill his windscreen wiper bottle and generally just tidy him up a bit in the front.... [ Read More ]
SORN-Ly the Lonely [Help!]
23 Mar 2009
Whoops! - I went on the DVLA website today, just to price up Herman’s tax disc for when I tax him at the end of the month. After I put in the info and clicked Submit to bring up the prices, I got a dire warning from the DVLA that Herman’s previous SORN had run out at the end of January and so their crack investigations unit might be in touch with me in due course, to find out why I hadnae SORN’ed him.... [ Read More ]
Cover Story
22 Mar 2009
Up at the crack of 09:00am this morning and out to see what an overnight’s worth of curing time had done to the J-B Weld. It looked good. The J-B Weld had set hard and the steering lock felt as solid as a rock. In fact, it feels more secure now than I’m guessing it would have done if it hadnae broke in the first place and had only been held in place with that clamp and hex bolt.... [ Read More ]
White Stripes
21 Mar 2009
With a bit of thumb-twiddling time on my hands, while I waited for my repair to the steering lock to cure, I decided I’d turn my attention to Herman’s roof once more. Those of you with a memory exceeding that of a goldfish may recall that, at the end of the marathon painting sessions, Herman was left with a white stripe down the centre of his roof - owing to the fact that I couldnae quite reach to the middle from either side, while painting it.... [ Read More ]
Weld Meet Again [Ouch!]
21 Mar 2009
Well, dear readers. On Wednesday night we left our hero seeking solace in a bottle of Guinness Export, after the disappointment of his mission to fit a new steering lock in Herman. [If I mention Guinness Export often enough will they sponsor this blog and send me some free booze? -It’s the beer you can drink between meals without ruining your appetite!] During the intervening days I did a bit of research and found out two things:... [ Read More ]
Lock... or Crock?
18 Mar 2009
Today, when I got home after work, it was time for that other perennial problem; that of the bust steering lock, to have my attention turned upon it. So, first of all it was the familiar process of unbolting and removing the steering wheel, steering column housing and steering column controls. I’ve done this so many times now that, I reckon I could probably apply to be the bloke in the pit crew who changes the windscreen wiper & indicator switches, when the next Formula One season starts.... [ Read More ]
Lock and Balls Story
16 Mar 2009
Off this morning, on the oul’ bicycle, to that modern day labyrinth known as Trafford Park on a double shopping mission. After ringing first to check they had what i wanted in stock, I was headed for GSF Carparts for a new steering lock housing and VW Van Centre for some poly balls for Herman’s gear-linkage. It was about 5,5km each way, so I’m counting that as my exercise for the day.... [ Read More ]
Spaghetti Injunction
15 Mar 2009
Glad to report that, after sticking Herman’s freshly charged battery back in again this morning, he started first turn of the key. So that was the reason I had no leccy, after all! It does raise the question tho’ as to why an almost new heavy duty battery got drained down to three volts in the space of a couple of weeks? I did notice, when I reconnected the battery, that the light in the cab roof had been left on.... [ Read More ]
Black Box Recordings
14 Mar 2009
Today was one of those one ‘no steps forward and several steps back’ days. I noticed that, after my shenanigans, pissing about with the steering column the other day, I had no electrics at all. Not even a cheery red light on the dashboard when I turned on the ignition. So I spent the best part of the day hoking round the wiring for the ignition circuit and checking my fuses, before I eventually resorted to removing the dashboard to be better able to follow the ignition wiring and see if anything was amiss.... [ Read More ]
So. Farewell Then GULG!
13 Mar 2009
What a sad and poignant day! This afternoon, we finally bid a snot-nosed and tear-stained farewell to GULG, our wee battlewaggon for the past six or seven years. After fucking me about so much all week - with not turning up when they should and not ringing me to tell me beforehand - that I was about to tell them to fuck off and re-advertise GULG on eBay, the folks who bought him last Sunday finally turned up to collect him this lunchtime.... [ Read More ]
Column Bind
12 Mar 2009
It’s been a quiet couple of weeks on the Herman front, because I’ve got to the stage now where obscure parts have to be sourced from obscure places. Today, a set of steering column controls that I bought over the phone off some bloke down in ‘Zummer-zedd’ arrived - or, as Mazza described it in a text she sent me to work, announcing their delivery -“You have a starcel. It looks like a Viking drinking horn”.... [ Read More ]
Gear Linkage Revisited
04 Mar 2009
Today, the conjunction of getting home from work unexpectedly early and the brief appearance of a wee patch of blue sky, allowed me to don my oily rags and get out for a quick wrestle with the front parts of Herman’s gear-linkage. The astute reader will remember that I removed the shiftrod on Monday. Today I had to remove the horizontal bar whose name I know not, which runs transversally across in front of the radiator and links the front end of the shiftrod to the bottom of the gearstick.... [ Read More ]
Stinkage and Linkage
02 Mar 2009
Today the weather looked quite promising, so I thought I’d have another go at tackling the gear-linkage to try and sort out Herman’s diabolical gearchange for once and for all. Although I’d improved it slightly with my previous efforts, I took him for a quick spin round the block on Sunday and changing gear was a fuckin’ ‘mare. So it really needs sorting out urgently. Before I could even get to the rear end of the gearlinkage, I had to remove the engine and gearbox cover from the bottom of the van.... [ Read More ]