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Ireland 2015
16 Sep 2015
Off to Ireland for a week or three, to visit the oul’ Mammy for a bit and then go off into the west for a bit of camping. Well met by lamplight. New cozier Herman, with Mazza reading, of an evening I have to say, the lad played a blinder. I’m not going to tempt fate by even contemplating thinking about saying he’s almost boringly reliable –coz that’s just asking for trouble.... [ Read More ]
Ireland 2014 –Part03
28 Aug 2014
Final selection from the Ireland 2014 archives: Back to Part01 Back to Part02 Herman. Somewhere on the road to Mullaghmore, Co. Sligo Mullaghmore, Co. Sligo Mullaghmore, Co. Sligo Mullaghmore, Co. Sligo –It was nice of them to provide a creche for Mazza, while I explored the area Glenade Loch, Co. Leitrim Glenade Loch, Co.... [ Read More ]
Ireland 2014 –Part02
28 Aug 2014
Continuing the collection of a few snaps from our Ireland 2014 trip: Back to Part01 On to Part03 St. John's Point, Co. Donegal –Mazza guarding our cooking fire from clumsy cattle-induced spillage St. John's Point, Co. Donegal: Beefy broth –food of champions! [Just don't tell our new friends the cows what's in here!] St. John's Point, Co. Donegal: Masterchef in action. Making a few dumplings Malin Beg, Co.... [ Read More ]
Ireland 2014 –Part01
28 Aug 2014
Off to Ireland for a few weeks to visit the wee Mammy and do a bit of camping, ‘way out west’. No mechanical incidents to report. Herman behaved himself for the entire trip. So, instead of pctures of me crawling around, covered in oil and grime; the customary ‘place-holder’ selection of images from the expedition. Actually, that’s going to make this pretty ‘pic-heavy’, so I think I’ll split it over three posts, so each section takes less than an ice-age to download.... [ Read More ]
Ireland... and So Forth
23 Aug 2013
After the short test-run between Malin beg and St. John’s Point had proved eventless, we were reassured that it was safe to venture further afield, without having to worry about Herman causing his own version of the Torrey Canyon Disaster, any time we went near a beach anywhere. And, as it turned out, we had no further problems. So, rather than a tedious day-by-day breakdown [pun intended!] of where we went each day and when, here are a few snaps of the remainder of our sojourn in the Emerald Isle.... [ Read More ]
St. John's Point
15 Aug 2013
Having botched together the Oil Pressure Sensor, we didn’t want to go ‘too far too soon’, until we were satisfied it was working properly to stem any leakages. So we headed off to a spot [metaphorically] just round the corner; St. John’s Point, again in Co. donegal. Happy to say that, on arrival there, my inspections showed that both Oil Pressure Sensors were ‘keeping their noses dry’. So, in lieu of anything disasterous to entertain you with, here are a couple of gratuitous shots of Herman enjoying the view.... [ Read More ]
Sensor-Y Overload
13 Aug 2013
Well, I knew it was too good to last! Malin Beg, Co, Donegal After a few days relaxing at Marble Hill strand, we headed off to another of our regular haunts; Malin Beg [also in Donegal]. It’s a bit of a trek to get there, through some pretty remote and mountainous roads. So, with the LTs’ legendary hill-climbing abilities, it always gives Herman[s] a good work out.... [ Read More ]
Yer Heid's a Marley [Hill]!
10 Aug 2013
A hundred miles or so up the Antrim Coast Road, across into Donegal over the Foyle Bridge in Derry and our first night’s camping spot was a new discovery for us: Marble hill Beach. This way... No problems from Herman, who purred like the proverbial kitten all the way and, what’s more important –no bloody oil leaks. Hurrah! Marble Hill Beach. Herman relaxing by the shore Not a bad view from the front, er.... [ Read More ]