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[5V] Power to the People! [Part 3]
18 Aug 2015
This is a three part article Back to Part 1 Back to Part 2 To kick-off this third and final thrilling episode in ‘The Electrification of The Herman Union’, I added the final connectors on the outside of the cigar box. Seeing as I had only four USB ports but a 6-Fuse fuse-holder, that left me two fuses to play with. So I decided to add a couple of nice Dr.... [ Read More ]
[5V] Power to the People! [Part 2]
17 Aug 2015
This is a three part article Back to Part 1 On to Part 3 When I was ‘planning’ [using the word in its loosest sense] this assault on electrical health and safety, I came across an old wooden cigar box in the back of a cupboard and thought it would be pretty whacky to use it as the housing for my powerboard. Also, since last I waxed lyrical about matters electrical, I had been at the online ordering again and got myself what was called a ‘low profile’ 6-way fuse holder, as well as a few other wee bits’n’bobs like, fuses, more wire and some blade terminals from 12 Volt Planet.... [ Read More ]
[5V] Power to the People!
11 Aug 2015
This is a three part article On to Part 2 On to Part 3 One of the things I’ve been meaning to do for a while is to wean as much electricity usage away from Herman’s main battery and onto the leisure battery as possible. I can never fully relax when I’m running electricals off the main battery at night, for fear of hearing that dreaded tired groan from the starting motor in the morning, when I try to turn the engine over –especially when I’m in the middle of nowhere.... [ Read More ]
Sink and Carpet
03 Aug 2010
This morning, we finished off building the sink cupboard and fitting the sink into place. Here is an action shot of someone who looks almost completely not like Mazza having fun with the silicon sealer, as we put together the slatted worktop area beside the sink. As you can see the sink has already been fitted into place by this stage. I seem to have forgotten to photograph that historic moment.... [ Read More ]
Let There Be Light
20 Jul 2010
A few days ago whilst visiting that little corner of Manchester, which will forever be Stepford [ie. B&Q in Old Trafford], I came across this packet of six brass downlights in the bargain bin, for a fiver. How could you go wrong at that price? Just the right look to complement Herman’s rustic timber interior. Only one problem tho’, the lights were 240v only. Still, I thought it would work out cheaper to buy them at this knock-down price and convert them, than to splash out on some 12v versions.... [ Read More ]