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Ireland 2014 –Part01
28 Aug 2014
Off to Ireland for a few weeks to visit the wee Mammy and do a bit of camping, ‘way out west’. No mechanical incidents to report. Herman behaved himself for the entire trip. So, instead of pctures of me crawling around, covered in oil and grime; the customary ‘place-holder’ selection of images from the expedition. Actually, that’s going to make this pretty ‘pic-heavy’, so I think I’ll split it over three posts, so each section takes less than an ice-age to download.... [ Read More ]
Belvoir Cheese
06 Aug 2013
Off for a run out today to Belvoir Forest Park, just south of Belfast. I made sure to give Herman’s oil level a check before we set off and, although he’s still leaking like a bugger, the level had only gone down by about half a cm on the dipstick, after a meandering drive of around 30 or 40 miles. Not great, but at least it means if I’m unable to stop the leak at the mo’, he’s usable “as is” –so long as we keep a good stash of top-up oil handy.... [ Read More ]