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Brake Time
05 Aug 2014
Whilst doing my pre-MOT rounds, I noticed that one of the wheel cylinders at the back was leaking slightly. So, knowing Mr. MOT-Man would jump on that like a thing that really likes jumping on stuff, I resigned myself to having to replace that too, before going near the MOT garage. Before attacking the brakes, the joy of an oil & filter change Off to GSF for a new wheel cylinder, which I fitted that self-same day.... [ Read More ]
Braking Strain
02 Aug 2012
Yesterday morning I took Herman out for a quick spin to pick up some vital supplies [ie. stacks of booze] for a visit to my old mate Baz in Anglesey two days hence. With the impeccable timing that has been a feature of my ownership of Herman, he suddenly decided to start making an alarming grinding sound, every time I hit the brakes, while driving home. Luckily it was only a couple of miles to the shops so, by dint of cautious driving and plenty of engine braking, I was able to get back home without too much application of brake pedal.... [ Read More ]