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Blackout Blues
17 Jul 2014
Stay feckin' blacked out, will you! One of the things that’s becoming the bane of my life, with the current incarnation of Herman is the bloody blacked out windows on the sides and the rear doors. No matter how many times I sand the glass, clean it and paint over it again, it’ll be OK for a month or two and then, one morning I’ll come out and notice a big bubble on one of the panes which, when popped, will gush out rainwater, like a pierced blister.... [ Read More ]
Window Pain
01 Aug 2013
The astute reader will recall that the task of getting Herman’s windows painted out has caused me no end of gyp Exhibit A, Exhibit B. Well, a couple of weeks back, I discovered some great gear called Isoflex Liquid Rubber roof sealant which claimed on the tin to stick to pretty much anything, including glass. I bought a tin of it and , after sanding down the re-occurring bubbles on a couple of Herman’s windows, I gave them a good slabbering of that stuff.... [ Read More ]
Bubble Trouble
03 Apr 2013
Well, thanks to the surprise advent of a mini ice-age, I’ve been kept indoors for the past couple of weeks –although we didnae get much in the way of snow round these parts. So poor Herman2’s been languishing outside with one side of him still white. A couple of days ago, whilst gazing lovingly at the lad, I noticed a big swelling on one of the side windows I had painted over.... [ Read More ]
Pack O' Tubes!*
27 Jul 2009
About the same time I scored my non-return fuel valve off ebay [see ‘The Point of Non-Return’], I also ordered a shitload of new fuel lines from Butts of Bawtry, as I was fully prepared to have to rip out all Herman’s fuel lines and replace the lot since, up to that point, I had no luck whatsoever in trying to banish the accursed bubbles from his fuel system - in spite of having crawled all over it, checking and tightening every bloody inch of the damn thing.... [ Read More ]
The Point of Non-Return
20 Jul 2009
Well, today I finally put paid to Herman’s occasional recalcitrance when it comes to starting and likewise said farewell to having to watch a diesel pipe that might as well have been pumping Coca Cola into the pump with the amount of bloody bubbles that were zipping past my helpless gaze. I scored myself this nifty non-return valve off eBay [for about a fiver, if memory serves me right] I apologise humbly and wholeheartedly for the piss-poor out of focus photography.... [ Read More ]
I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles
23 Feb 2009
Try not to get over-excited here, but today’s thrilling installment is not about painting. Nor is it about sandpapering! Just for a change the weather was slightly on the ‘moist’ side, so I decided to forgo paintbrush and sandpaper and instead seek alternative entertainment in that other never-ending quest; the search for the source of the air bubbles in Herman’s fuel system. After crawling up and down the length of the van, tightening every hoseclip and joint I could find in both fuel lines [delivery and return] I noticed that the length of pipe which leads from the diesel plugs back to the fuel filter looked a bit worn [this return pipe feeds excess fuel from the injectors back into the fuel system].... [ Read More ]