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Filter Tips
04 Aug 2014
I don’t know what strategic blunder I made when arranging tax disc and MOT, when I first got Herman. But it has resulted in his MOT falling due at the end of July –nary a couple of weeks before we head off to Ireland, every year. So, when I should be doing useful things to kit him out for the journey, I end up crawling around in muck and filth, prepping him for the MOT.... [ Read More ]
Gloopy and Gloopier
23 Feb 2013
The intention today was to fibreglass over the patch under the windscreen, where the rain comes in and stops my mind from wandering, where it will go. Before that however, I decided to drain the fuel filters to see if it would help Herman2 show a bit more fighting spirit on hills. The astute reader will remember that I found him surprisingly sluggish and juddery on the gradients, on the way back from Wales.... [ Read More ]
Leaky Leak-Offs
07 Aug 2009
I mentioned previously that I wasnae totally convinced that the new leak-off pipes I’d fitted to the injectors were tight enough to make a completely airtight seal and, sure enough, when I was tinkering about with the alternator drive belt earlier in the day, I’d notcied that there was a bit of diesel leaking out around the pipes, where they pushed onto the injector bleed nipples. Not having any hoseclips of a suitably petite size, I did what I do best -botched the fucker improvised cleverly; I got some fancy thickish wire that mazza had left over from when she did a jewellery course at college a while back and I wired the ends of all the leak-off pipes, to stop them pulling off the nipples and hopefully give a better seal.... [ Read More ]
The Point of Non-Return
20 Jul 2009
Well, today I finally put paid to Herman’s occasional recalcitrance when it comes to starting and likewise said farewell to having to watch a diesel pipe that might as well have been pumping Coca Cola into the pump with the amount of bloody bubbles that were zipping past my helpless gaze. I scored myself this nifty non-return valve off eBay [for about a fiver, if memory serves me right] I apologise humbly and wholeheartedly for the piss-poor out of focus photography.... [ Read More ]
Island Hopping
12 Apr 2009
Well, this morning Herman went on his first great adventure; me and Mazza’s long trek [well, about 140 miles] down to visit my mate Baz in Anglesey for the Easter weekend. Hulme to Anglesey - Herman adventure no. 1 Hulme to Anglesey [Close-Up]- Herman adventure no. 1 No problems whatsoever on the way down; Herman cruised along quite happily at around 55mph, topped 65mph a few times on the downhill bits and even scaled the dizzying heights of 67mph during one particularly ferocious overtaking manoeuvre on a trundling-along caravan.... [ Read More ]
I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles
23 Feb 2009
Try not to get over-excited here, but today’s thrilling installment is not about painting. Nor is it about sandpapering! Just for a change the weather was slightly on the ‘moist’ side, so I decided to forgo paintbrush and sandpaper and instead seek alternative entertainment in that other never-ending quest; the search for the source of the air bubbles in Herman’s fuel system. After crawling up and down the length of the van, tightening every hoseclip and joint I could find in both fuel lines [delivery and return] I noticed that the length of pipe which leads from the diesel plugs back to the fuel filter looked a bit worn [this return pipe feeds excess fuel from the injectors back into the fuel system].... [ Read More ]
11 Feb 2009
Not the most productive of days today. On the positive side, my new ‘Next Day Delivery’ battery that I ordered four working days ago, finally turned up. So Herman has at last got some decent amperage behind his ignition system. Mind you, even with the new battery installed, the glowplugs were still only getting about 9volts through them when I turned on the ignition. So, sommit’s not quite right there.... [ Read More ]
A Kind of Homecoming
01 Feb 2009
Well, Herman is finally resting in his new parking spot after another hassle filled day! Made it - eventually! Incidentally, sometime between yesterday and today our anonymous VW LT35 was christened ‘Herman’ or ‘Herman the German’ by Marie. Although some people might consider it twee and childish to give a huge lump of metal a name, one thing my many years of wrestling with the class of car someone at my budget end of the market can afford has taught me - is that motor maintenance is a mixture of 50% mechanical knowledge and 50% voodoo.... [ Read More ]