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Feeling Horny
06 Aug 2014
One of the other things that seems to go wrong with LTs I own [especially at MOT time] is that the horn suddenly decides to stop working. And this year was no exception. Doing the pre-MOT check of electricals, I found that Herman had apparently joined an order of Trappist vans and taken a vow of silence. For his parper refused to parp. Parp! Parp! [not!] After a futile half hour, pissing about with the fuses and testing the wiring with my circuit tester, I suddenly had the thought that it might be the actual horn mechanism itself that was at fault.... [ Read More ]
01 Aug 2013
Also today, I thought I’d get the boring hassle part of wiring in the split charge system again out of the way, so I heaved off the engine cover and wired in the feed lead from the alternator. Not that interesting really but, just for the hell of it, here are a couple of pics I took by shoving my phone down the back of the alternator and shining a torch on it, so I could suss out which terminal was which, as I couldnae see them by looking down into the engine bay.... [ Read More ]