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Lock and Balls Story
16 Mar 2009
Off this morning, on the oul’ bicycle, to that modern day labyrinth known as Trafford Park on a double shopping mission. After ringing first to check they had what i wanted in stock, I was headed for GSF Carparts for a new steering lock housing and VW Van Centre for some poly balls for Herman’s gear-linkage. It was about 5,5km each way, so I’m counting that as my exercise for the day.... [ Read More ]
Gear Linkage Revisited
04 Mar 2009
Today, the conjunction of getting home from work unexpectedly early and the brief appearance of a wee patch of blue sky, allowed me to don my oily rags and get out for a quick wrestle with the front parts of Herman’s gear-linkage. The astute reader will remember that I removed the shiftrod on Monday. Today I had to remove the horizontal bar whose name I know not, which runs transversally across in front of the radiator and links the front end of the shiftrod to the bottom of the gearstick.... [ Read More ]
Stinkage and Linkage
02 Mar 2009
Today the weather looked quite promising, so I thought I’d have another go at tackling the gear-linkage to try and sort out Herman’s diabolical gearchange for once and for all. Although I’d improved it slightly with my previous efforts, I took him for a quick spin round the block on Sunday and changing gear was a fuckin’ ‘mare. So it really needs sorting out urgently. Before I could even get to the rear end of the gearlinkage, I had to remove the engine and gearbox cover from the bottom of the van.... [ Read More ]
Glowing Report
09 Feb 2009
Up at the crack of half nine this morning and out to work on Herman. I thought I’d take a look at the glowplugs first, coz I read on the ever-informative Brickyard Forum yesterday that the glowplug light on the dashboard can light up and go out as expected, quite independently of whether or not the glowplugs are actually working. So not exactly the most helpful member of the instrument panel family then!... [ Read More ]