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08 Aug 2014
The sands of time had run out for us to get much more done, before we set off for Ireland in 3 days time. So we had one last heroic attempt at getting as much more insulated as we could, before we’d have to clean the green lad out and tidy him up for the journey. We managed to get the row of panelling just below the edges of the roof finished, on both sides of the van.... [ Read More ]
07 Aug 2014
Back into the fray in the endless battle to get Herman insulated and panelled out today. I decided to turn my attention to one of the blacked out windows, next to where the kitchen area is and insulate and panel that, so that whole area around the kitchen sink would be a bit more ‘finished’ looking. First job was to build a batten frame inside the lip of the window, so I’d have something to attach the panelling to.... [ Read More ]
Operation Insulation –Day 3
24 Jul 2014
More of tedious same today. This time we could see the light at the end of the tunnel –at least as far as getting the ceiling finished goes– as, in our insulating frenzy, we reached the bulkhead just behind the cab The last roof panels. Just behind the cab I also discovered that one of the neighbourhood cats has found a pretty uncomfortable looking place to take a ‘cat-nap’.... [ Read More ]
Operation Insulation –Day 2
22 Jul 2014
More ‘working with your hands above your head’ fun today, as we entered the second day of our marathon attempt to get Herman insulated up and sorted out a bit more, before we go to Ireland next month. T’was pretty much a repeat of yesterday’s routine: Peel off carpet to expose panel Drill out eleventy billion rivets and remove panel Fill cavity behind panel with Rockwool Replace panel The refinement we brought to the procedure was that we used screws to re-attach the panels instead of rivets.... [ Read More ]
Let Operation Insulation Commence!
21 Jul 2014
The astute reader will remember that, way back at the end of January, I scored me a load of Rockwool, with which I pledged to begin the mammoth task of insulating Herman, once the cold winter weather eased up a bit. Well, I am nothing if not a man of my word so today, as we neared the end of July, I decided that it was probably safe to assume the chance of an unexpected blizzard had receded enough for me to begin ‘Operation Insulation’.... [ Read More ]
30 Jan 2014
Roll out the rock The Broadcast Television course at college has been getting a new sound booth built over the past few weeks. I’ve been keeping a weather eye on the proceedings and chatting to the bloke doing the work and I asked that, if there was going to be any of the Rockwool he was using for the insulation left, he’d let me know and I might buy it off him.... [ Read More ]
Panelling and Preparing to Sink
02 Aug 2010
Now that I had the new bed base built, I was able to remove the huge pile of junk things which might come in handy, stacked up against the driver’s side wall and stash them under the bed. This freed up that section of wall for boarding up. Another several acres of wall to panel out! So it was was out with the saw, the drill and the remains of our stash of Pergo flooring and another several hours of monotonous measuring, cutting, drilling and screwing [not the fun kind!... [ Read More ]
Floor Show Revisited
28 Jul 2010
Back to “Operation Floor Botch” today. Several more hours cutting, tin-snipping, hacksawing and wire-brushing and I’d cut out most of the rust that was cuttable out, without resorting to heavyweight equipment. I then gave everything a damn good going over with the wire brush attachment on my drill to get it all down to as near bare metal as I could and lathered the lot with Vactan to hopefully stop any new rust forming.... [ Read More ]
Chair-Man of the Board
24 May 2009
A couple of days ago I found a big sheet of 6mm plywood, about 8’ x 4’, leaning against the railings at the corner of the road. It was a bit smashed up at one side and had a hole about a foot long along another edge. But I reckoned there was at least some salvageable wood in there. So I stuck it in the back of Herman. This Sunday afternoon, after a morning spent wrestling Bindweed and Horse Tails down at the allotment, followed by a hearty lunch of Mazza’s speciality spicy stuffed peppers, I found I still had enough energy left in my bloated carcass to take myself outside and ponder on the prospects of using said piece of plywood to make a token start of panelling Herman’s interior.... [ Read More ]