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07 Aug 2014
Back into the fray in the endless battle to get Herman insulated and panelled out today. I decided to turn my attention to one of the blacked out windows, next to where the kitchen area is and insulate and panel that, so that whole area around the kitchen sink would be a bit more ‘finished’ looking. First job was to build a batten frame inside the lip of the window, so I’d have something to attach the panelling to.... [ Read More ]
All Your Bed Base Are Belong to Us
05 Jul 2013
Down to work on the camper conversion at last. Unfortunately, since I can only work on the van at the weekends and since we’ve left it so long to get started, this is going to have to be a bit of a rush job. [Not entirely our fault. Consult weather reports for 2013 to see how late the dry weather was in coming around this year] Hopefully, we can get the basics in place, albeit crude, before the summer jollyday season arrives and then tidy things up a bit when we’ve got more time.... [ Read More ]