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Brake Time
05 Aug 2014
Whilst doing my pre-MOT rounds, I noticed that one of the wheel cylinders at the back was leaking slightly. So, knowing Mr. MOT-Man would jump on that like a thing that really likes jumping on stuff, I resigned myself to having to replace that too, before going near the MOT garage. Before attacking the brakes, the joy of an oil & filter change Off to GSF for a new wheel cylinder, which I fitted that self-same day.... [ Read More ]
Filter Tips
04 Aug 2014
I don’t know what strategic blunder I made when arranging tax disc and MOT, when I first got Herman. But it has resulted in his MOT falling due at the end of July –nary a couple of weeks before we head off to Ireland, every year. So, when I should be doing useful things to kit him out for the journey, I end up crawling around in muck and filth, prepping him for the MOT.... [ Read More ]
MOT the Hoopla
31 Jul 2013
Even I don’t know what the feck that’s supposed to mean! Anyway, this morning I took Herman back for his MOT retest. When I got to the garage the guy said he’d just started on another motor, so it would be about half-an-hour before Herman could go ‘back on the slab’ again. I wandered outside, thinking to go off for a walk for a bit and found a bloke ‘admiring’ Herman.... [ Read More ]
Whacks, Cylinder
30 Jul 2013
So, today I had to take a day out from the urgent inner carpentry missioning to try and get the MOT shenanigans sorted. I went to VW yesterday to try and score the a new wheel cylinder or a repair kit for the old one and found out that both those parts have now been obsoleted. It seems like VW have finally abandoned the series 1 LTs. After a promising start to the proceedings a few years back, when I was able to get pretty much all I wanted for Herman 1, I’ve found that, of late [the past year and a half, or so] every part I’ve asked them for has been obsoleted.... [ Read More ]
Ticket to [Not] Ride
28 Jul 2013
As if all the anal bollox of trying to knock the inside of Herman into some kind of shape, whilst still doing the 9-to–5 grind wasnae hassle enough, I was also faced with the ordeal of getting him MOT’d, before heading off on holiday, as well. Booked into my usual [for now] garage and took him down first thing on Monday morning. I have to admit that I didnae give him much of a going over beforehand –just did an oil and filter change and hoped for the best.... [ Read More ]
Get In!
20 Apr 2010
Woohoo! - Herman’s all MOT’d up and i’ve stuck 6 months tax* on him. So presumably have doubled the value of my investment now. A passing cameraman captured the moment when i got my MOT certificate * [£112,75 for six months - bloody robbing bastards! It’s not that long since it was £97 for 12 months –and it had gone up by £8 in the time between the DVLA sending me out the reminder letter last month and me taxing it today]... [ Read More ]
A Bitch About a Switch
19 Apr 2010
Picked up a new foglamp switch today from VW - £22 feckin’ quid for a plastic rocker switch. I was at least expecting it to be gold-plated at that price! I think the MOT man might have sent me on a fool’s errand anyway. When I got the new switch and plugged it in, I thought at first that either it was bust, or the wiring was knackered, because it didnae light up at all.... [ Read More ]
MOT Post-Post-Mortem
17 Apr 2010
Well, I’ve been out for a tinker tonight and sorted the diesel leak problem. It was one of those bloody leak-off pipes had split again. They’re the bane of my life. They seemed OK at the MOT station where I went. I just took him to the same place as the old MOT cert said he’d been done last time, as I knew they’d have a tall enough shed to fit him through the door.... [ Read More ]
MOT Post-Mortem
15 Apr 2010
Well, I’ve just been out for a post-mortem: Swopped a couple of fuses around and my hazards started working again. So obviously a loose fuse [yet again!] Detached the horn from the steering wheel to check the connections - at which point it naturally started blaring away for all it was worth. Put it back on the wheel again and it shut up. [The horn has been like this from day one.... [ Read More ]
M.O.T - N.O.T
15 Apr 2010
Well, Herman went in for his MOT today and failed - but I’m not too gutted. Things got off to a bad start, before I even got there; I did a quick walk round check of the electrics before setting off and found one of the mini telltale indicators on the side wasnae working [sorted that with a quick sandpapering of the terminal -just a dodgy connection]. Then one of the headlamps decided not to go on full beam [another twiddle, this time with the fuse sorted that].... [ Read More ]
SORNly the Lonely
11 Apr 2010
Well, Herman’s tax ran out at the beginning of the month and –seeing as how he’s currently without an MOT, I had to declare him SORN. That should give me a bit of added incentive to get the few remaining minor niggles sorted, that I reckon will need doing before I can MOT him.... [ Read More ]