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Sensorble Precaution
02 Aug 2014
Being the dilligent student of this blog you are, you’ll remember the fun and larks we had with Herman’s Oil Pressure Sensors, last year in Ireland. [ 1, 2, 3 ], culminating in me encasing the Low Pressure Sensor in epoxy resin, to stop it leaking. Remember this, from last year? Well, such is the quality of my botch-manship that that ol’ Pressure Sensor hadn’t spilled a drop of oil since then.... [ Read More ]
Sensor-Tive Type
09 Aug 2013
Well, first off, a big thumbs up to Agnew’s VW commercial of Mallusk. I rung them yesterday afternoon [9th] to score a new Oil Pressure Sensor, having decided that it must be the sensor itself that was leaking, rather than the join between it and the engine block. The guy in the parts dept. took the order but said he couldn’t get the new switch for me until Tuesday [13th] which wouldn’t be much good to me as I was planning to get off on my travels today [10th].... [ Read More ]
Copper Bottom
08 Aug 2013
Decided to have one last go at sealing the Oil-pressure Sensor today, before I’m left to conclude that it’s the sensor itself which is the source of the leak and not the join between it and the engine block. I nipped off to Hellfords and scored a box of mixed size copper washers, in the hope that, amongst the range therein, would be some the right size for the job. Then it was off with the recalcitrant sensor again.... [ Read More ]
Belvoir Cheese
06 Aug 2013
Off for a run out today to Belvoir Forest Park, just south of Belfast. I made sure to give Herman’s oil level a check before we set off and, although he’s still leaking like a bugger, the level had only gone down by about half a cm on the dipstick, after a meandering drive of around 30 or 40 miles. Not great, but at least it means if I’m unable to stop the leak at the mo’, he’s usable “as is” –so long as we keep a good stash of top-up oil handy.... [ Read More ]
Oil, Man
04 Aug 2013
Well, I knew my smugness at finding a low mileage LT with an engine which didnae leak oil would not go unpunished for long and so it has turned out. As you will have read, being the attentive viewer that you are, I put Herman through his MOT last week and got an advisory on an ‘oil leak’ which was a bit of a bummer, as he’d not been dripping at all when I first got him.... [ Read More ]