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Blackout Blues
17 Jul 2014
Stay feckin' blacked out, will you! One of the things that’s becoming the bane of my life, with the current incarnation of Herman is the bloody blacked out windows on the sides and the rear doors. No matter how many times I sand the glass, clean it and paint over it again, it’ll be OK for a month or two and then, one morning I’ll come out and notice a big bubble on one of the panes which, when popped, will gush out rainwater, like a pierced blister.... [ Read More ]
Window Pain
01 Aug 2013
The astute reader will recall that the task of getting Herman’s windows painted out has caused me no end of gyp Exhibit A, Exhibit B. Well, a couple of weeks back, I discovered some great gear called Isoflex Liquid Rubber roof sealant which claimed on the tin to stick to pretty much anything, including glass. I bought a tin of it and , after sanding down the re-occurring bubbles on a couple of Herman’s windows, I gave them a good slabbering of that stuff.... [ Read More ]
Doors Are Bores
03 Mar 2013
Today it was more tedious painting. In this session, I had a crack at the passenger door, side door and rear quarter panel. Only being able to work on him at weekends makes this all seem to be progressing painfully slowly but I can almost smell the light at the end of the tunnel now. Ready for some hot door action And from this front three-quarter view, there’s almost no white left showing at all and you can really start to get the feel for how he’s going to look.... [ Read More ]
New Boots and Painties
02 Mar 2013
Up at the crack of half-eight this morning [no lie in for me of a weekend!] and off to Manchester Tyre Services in Openshaw for Herman to have his five new Kumho Radial 857 215⁄80 R14 shoes that I bought from fitted. The tyres that were on the van originally were pretty well worn and didnae look in great nick either. So, having been there done that before in the original Herman, I decided I’d play it safe this time and put on a new set, before I ended up sliding on my arse down the motorway some day.... [ Read More ]
Green Dearth
24 Feb 2013
Well, armed with only a wee paintbrush and an affinity for boring repetitive tasks, I started work today on the vast acreages that make up Herman2’s side panels. Cue several hours of sanding, wiping down and painting. Actually, as with the original Herman, I found that, being white, the van needed two coats of paint to cover properly, so the above should probably read ”…cue several hours of sanding, wiping down and painting and painting again…”... [ Read More ]
How to Waste Twenty-Three Quid
17 Feb 2013
As I’ve mentioned before, Herman2 is a bit too ‘blessed’ with windows for my liking. I prefer my campers a bit more stealthy and a bit less “Look at me sitting about in my grundies everyone!” I’ve considered various methods of obscuring some of the windows, ranging from welding metal plate over them, to using vinyl, to fibreglassing over them, to painting them out. My initial experiments with fibreglass were a less than stellar success so, next up, I thought I’d try the painting option.... [ Read More ]
Green Acres
09 Feb 2013
Up on the roof again today, to finally get down to spreading some paint about. It was a bit of a dreary, drab, overcast oul’ day but thankfully the rain just about held off until I managed to get all of the top of Herman2’s roof done in his new Olive Drab livery. Here I am in full perching & painting action Job's a good 'un! Glad that’s out of the way.... [ Read More ]
Colour Theory
25 Jan 2013
Me and the missus decided it would be an insult to the memory of the original Herman and the dead generations from whence he sprung, to paint the new upstart in the traditional family livery of black Hammerite. So we decided we’d do the new guy in some nice post-apocalypse olive drab instead. I bought five litres of [supposedly] hard-wearing olive drab military paint off eBay on Wednesday and it arrived via courier this morning.... [ Read More ]