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08 Aug 2014
The sands of time had run out for us to get much more done, before we set off for Ireland in 3 days time. So we had one last heroic attempt at getting as much more insulated as we could, before we’d have to clean the green lad out and tidy him up for the journey. We managed to get the row of panelling just below the edges of the roof finished, on both sides of the van.... [ Read More ]
07 Aug 2014
Back into the fray in the endless battle to get Herman insulated and panelled out today. I decided to turn my attention to one of the blacked out windows, next to where the kitchen area is and insulate and panel that, so that whole area around the kitchen sink would be a bit more ‘finished’ looking. First job was to build a batten frame inside the lip of the window, so I’d have something to attach the panelling to.... [ Read More ]
That Sinking Feeling
26 Jul 2013
Ouch! –Well, you try thinking of a punning headline with the word “sink” in it, twice in a row! A quick bit of panelling out and the addition of a couple of shelves and we’ve now got a sink cupboard with storage space. Next jobs will be plumbing in the sink and adding some proper doors. Unfortunately that [well at least the doors bit] will have to wait til after we get back from our jols, as we’ve just not time to do it now.... [ Read More ]
Sink and Carpet
03 Aug 2010
This morning, we finished off building the sink cupboard and fitting the sink into place. Here is an action shot of someone who looks almost completely not like Mazza having fun with the silicon sealer, as we put together the slatted worktop area beside the sink. As you can see the sink has already been fitted into place by this stage. I seem to have forgotten to photograph that historic moment.... [ Read More ]
Panelling and Preparing to Sink
02 Aug 2010
Now that I had the new bed base built, I was able to remove the huge pile of junk things which might come in handy, stacked up against the driver’s side wall and stash them under the bed. This freed up that section of wall for boarding up. Another several acres of wall to panel out! So it was was out with the saw, the drill and the remains of our stash of Pergo flooring and another several hours of monotonous measuring, cutting, drilling and screwing [not the fun kind!... [ Read More ]
28 Jul 2010
Having got the roof up and the floor down, it was time to turn attention back to the walls and start filling in the gaps there. We decided we’d use up the rest of that Pergo flooring we’d got first and then take it from there. Another marathon session of measuring, cutting drilling and sanding ensued. That Pergo stuff is as hard as iron and eats jigsaw blades for breakfast. Slowly but surely, however, Herman is starting to look a bit like a hovel-from-home these days.... [ Read More ]
Raising the Roof
10 Jul 2010
In a final heroic effort today, me and Mazza finished off panelling Herman’s roof and the last sections of the upper side wall panels. Not much else to say really. Cut, cut, drill, drill, screw, screw… rinse then repeat until complete: Before After Mazza, putting the finishing touches to the day's work ... [ Read More ]
14 Mar 2010
Today, we started using up our stash of Pergo flooring that we sniped off eBay, to panel the walls. First up was the annoying, kind of sloping, kind of curving space between the edge of the roof and the flattish sides. It was a fairly straightforward job, although that Pergo stuff disnae half take a toll on sawblades and drillbits. The veneer on it is as hard as iron. O well - at least it should be pretty hardwearing then!... [ Read More ]
I Snipe Pergo I Am
06 Mar 2010
At the weekend Mazza sniped a load of Pergo flooring plus underlay on Fleabay for £21. Apparently this represents good bargain hunting, as Mazza assures me that Pergo is the dog’s bollox, when it comes to poncey interior decor and all that. So scoring a load of it for a pony [as Del Boy might say] was a ‘bit of a steal’. We went to pick it up tonight from some posh gaff out towards Didsbury way.... [ Read More ]
Chair-Man of the Board
24 May 2009
A couple of days ago I found a big sheet of 6mm plywood, about 8’ x 4’, leaning against the railings at the corner of the road. It was a bit smashed up at one side and had a hole about a foot long along another edge. But I reckoned there was at least some salvageable wood in there. So I stuck it in the back of Herman. This Sunday afternoon, after a morning spent wrestling Bindweed and Horse Tails down at the allotment, followed by a hearty lunch of Mazza’s speciality spicy stuffed peppers, I found I still had enough energy left in my bloated carcass to take myself outside and ponder on the prospects of using said piece of plywood to make a token start of panelling Herman’s interior.... [ Read More ]