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Operation Insulation –Day 3
24 Jul 2014
More of tedious same today. This time we could see the light at the end of the tunnel –at least as far as getting the ceiling finished goes– as, in our insulating frenzy, we reached the bulkhead just behind the cab The last roof panels. Just behind the cab I also discovered that one of the neighbourhood cats has found a pretty uncomfortable looking place to take a ‘cat-nap’.... [ Read More ]
Operation Insulation –Day 2
22 Jul 2014
More ‘working with your hands above your head’ fun today, as we entered the second day of our marathon attempt to get Herman insulated up and sorted out a bit more, before we go to Ireland next month. T’was pretty much a repeat of yesterday’s routine: Peel off carpet to expose panel Drill out eleventy billion rivets and remove panel Fill cavity behind panel with Rockwool Replace panel The refinement we brought to the procedure was that we used screws to re-attach the panels instead of rivets.... [ Read More ]
Let Operation Insulation Commence!
21 Jul 2014
The astute reader will remember that, way back at the end of January, I scored me a load of Rockwool, with which I pledged to begin the mammoth task of insulating Herman, once the cold winter weather eased up a bit. Well, I am nothing if not a man of my word so today, as we neared the end of July, I decided that it was probably safe to assume the chance of an unexpected blizzard had receded enough for me to begin ‘Operation Insulation’.... [ Read More ]
Roofing Again
16 Feb 2013
Today I was a bit lazy and didnae haul my arse outside til gone lunchtime. However, I did manage to get the sides of the roof scrubbed down and painted, before darkness fell. So now I’m ready to start tackling the sides and front. Here we go again Herman2's lid complete ... [ Read More ]
Green Acres
09 Feb 2013
Up on the roof again today, to finally get down to spreading some paint about. It was a bit of a dreary, drab, overcast oul’ day but thankfully the rain just about held off until I managed to get all of the top of Herman2’s roof done in his new Olive Drab livery. Here I am in full perching & painting action Job's a good 'un! Glad that’s out of the way.... [ Read More ]
02 Feb 2013
One man on a tub… Back out this morning to rejoin battle with the forces of grime and the evil empire of skank that have colonised Herman2’s roof. The astute reader will remember that, last week, I retired to the pavillion beaten, after a half-arsed attempt to clean the roof, using the equivalent of lukewarm tramp’s piss and a Ken Dodd tickling stick. This morning, I returned to the fray, better armed.... [ Read More ]
Twat on a Cold Fibreglass Roof
27 Jan 2013
Bit of an abortive mission this afternoon. I decided to make a start on the nasty job of cleaning Herman2’s roof. This task was not made any easier by the fact that I couldnae find a decent scrubbing brush in the house We didnae have any sugar soap left So I had to embark on the soggy challenge armed only with a bucket full of hot water mixed with screen wash and a crappy scrubbing attachment off an old floor mop, which couldnae scrub the skin of a rice pudding.... [ Read More ]
Raising the Roof
10 Jul 2010
In a final heroic effort today, me and Mazza finished off panelling Herman’s roof and the last sections of the upper side wall panels. Not much else to say really. Cut, cut, drill, drill, screw, screw… rinse then repeat until complete: Before After Mazza, putting the finishing touches to the day's work ... [ Read More ]
More of Same
20 Feb 2010
Today, I finished off panelling the underside of the roof with the big sheets of hardboard. Nothing much to report in the way of anecdotes or incident -unless you count the fact that I broke one of my 3mm drill bits as worthy of comment? …Nah. I didnae think you would Anyway, here we have it: At last the mighty hardboard expedition reaches the back doors. View from front to back View from back to front Well, that’s it for now.... [ Read More ]
I'll Be Ceiling You...
18 Feb 2010
Freshly armed with my new stash of wood, I thought I’d strike while the iron was hot and crack on with panelling out Herman’s roof. I’m going to start at the top and work down, as I’ll need to get some welding done on the holes in the floor, before I start boarding over the lower regions. Anyway, we’d already insulated the inside of the roof with that bargain bucket fibreglass we got a few weeks ago.... [ Read More ]
06 Aug 2009
Today, I decided to do something about the bare plywood ceiling Herman’s cab has had, ever since I ripped out the skanky old headlining material. I had two big pieces of blue coloured, quite heavy canvas type material that had previously been covering one of those portable partition type thingies which you get in offices and which was in my wood stash for a while - before I realised I’d never use it in Herman and binned it.... [ Read More ]
Dripping and Ripping
17 Jul 2009
Another attempt to find the mysterious source of the indoor lake, which laps contentedly round the vast and lonely shores of Herman’s bleak passenger side footwell. Owing to the fact that LTs are notorious for leaking in at the corners of their windscreens, this looked the most likely candidate. However, unlike most LTs, Herman’s windscreen surround is pretty much rust free, which makes it difficult to spot anywhere that rain might be getting in.... [ Read More ]
White Stripes
21 Mar 2009
With a bit of thumb-twiddling time on my hands, while I waited for my repair to the steering lock to cure, I decided I’d turn my attention to Herman’s roof once more. Those of you with a memory exceeding that of a goldfish may recall that, at the end of the marathon painting sessions, Herman was left with a white stripe down the centre of his roof - owing to the fact that I couldnae quite reach to the middle from either side, while painting it.... [ Read More ]
The Dark at the End of the Tunnel
28 Feb 2009
hallelujah! -Today I finally finished the painting of Herman* *[*terms and conditions apply. Other monotonous activities are available. Further touchups may be necessary]* Now, I dinnae want to encourage pedantry, but the quick-witted amongst you may have noticed that there’s a thin strip of white down the middle of the roof, which still wants painting. This strip bears mute testimony to the length [or shortness] of my arms combined with the feeble altitude achieved with my crappy, rickety B&Q stepladder and shall be taken care of by attaching a longer handle to a paintbrush - just as soon as this lot is dry.... [ Read More ]
Roofhog Day [2]
20 Feb 2009
Yes. I know what you’re thinking: ‘He’s already used that ‘Roofhog Day’ title before. He must be completely bereft of ideas!’ Au contraire - dear reader. Nothing could be further from the truth. The fact that I’ve used this title before and have nevertheless chosen to use it again is actually an indication of my collossal wit - a wit that works on so many levels it may be mistaken, by the ill-educated, for a lack of originality and imagination.... [ Read More ]
Paint On... Paint Off...
18 Feb 2009
Unfortunately for aficionados of thrills and excitement, the past couple of days have been spent mostly… wait for it… yes, you got it; ‘scrubbing and painting’. Just before retiring to the pavilion on Tuesday [yesterday] I took off Herman’s grill and headlamp surrounds and - after sanding the odd bit of rust I found lurking underneath - I painted his fizzer for him. Again, using the slightly diluted hammerite seems a lot better than the fully gloopy stuff out of the tin and the finish was a lot less treacle-esque.... [ Read More ]
Roofhog Day
08 Feb 2009
Today was spent pretty much as yesterday was; Mazza carried on scrubbing away at the gluey remains of the vinyl lettering, with Hammerite thinners and sandpaper - while I decimated the alien lifeforms on the side of the roof that I had spared the day before. So not much to report really. However, Herman now has a roof which is spic-n-span enough to start painting on. About an hour after I finished scrubbing down the roof and came upstairs to put the dinner on, it started raining with the odd lonely snowflake in amongst the wet stuff... [ Read More ]
The Trouble With Lichen
07 Feb 2009
This morning my super Optrel Solarmatic welding helmet arrived. So, assuming it works properly [not tried it in anger yet] I’m almost fully tooled up for many a forthcoming bout with Herman. Abovementioned helmet arrived with postie at half bloody seven on a Saturday morning! Methinks the post office are running some extra shifts to cope with the backlog caused by the snows of last week - coz my drill came at about six o’clock last night.... [ Read More ]