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[5V] Power to the People! [Part 3]
18 Aug 2015
This is a three part article Back to Part 1 Back to Part 2 To kick-off this third and final thrilling episode in ‘The Electrification of The Herman Union’, I added the final connectors on the outside of the cigar box. Seeing as I had only four USB ports but a 6-Fuse fuse-holder, that left me two fuses to play with. So I decided to add a couple of nice Dr.... [ Read More ]
[5V] Power to the People! [Part 2]
17 Aug 2015
This is a three part article Back to Part 1 On to Part 3 When I was ‘planning’ [using the word in its loosest sense] this assault on electrical health and safety, I came across an old wooden cigar box in the back of a cupboard and thought it would be pretty whacky to use it as the housing for my powerboard. Also, since last I waxed lyrical about matters electrical, I had been at the online ordering again and got myself what was called a ‘low profile’ 6-way fuse holder, as well as a few other wee bits’n’bobs like, fuses, more wire and some blade terminals from 12 Volt Planet.... [ Read More ]
[5V] Power to the People!
11 Aug 2015
This is a three part article On to Part 2 On to Part 3 One of the things I’ve been meaning to do for a while is to wean as much electricity usage away from Herman’s main battery and onto the leisure battery as possible. I can never fully relax when I’m running electricals off the main battery at night, for fear of hearing that dreaded tired groan from the starting motor in the morning, when I try to turn the engine over –especially when I’m in the middle of nowhere.... [ Read More ]