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07 Sep 2014
Bit of a semi-unplanned mission this past weekend. Mazza’s folks had hired a house in a wee village just outside Conwy in Wales for a week or so, and they invited the various branches of the family down. Because of my work, it had to be a bit of a visita volante on our part. So we just said we’d come down and join them there for the weekend. Conwy Castle Disaster nearly struck straight away.... [ Read More ]
Anglesey Summer Solstice
20 Jun 2014
Herman relaxing in the Anglesey sun Off to Anglesey for the traditional summer Solstice get together on my mate’s farm. Once again Herman made it there and back with no problems apart from the inate inability to climb anything steeper than a gentle slope, without giving the impression of an exhausted Sherpa Tensing, hauling his way up a particularly difficult stretch on Everest.... [ Read More ]
Rough & Ready
20 Jun 2013
Off to my mate Baz’s in Anglesey for our annual Summer Solstice piss-up. Herman never missed a beat on the way there, or back –although he did do a few embarrassing wheel-spins, trying to get into the field through the wet grass. Still light years from being anywhere near finished inside [in fact we’ve not even started hardly!], but we’ve got a bed and eleventy billion gallons of Mazza’s homebrew ale and my homebrew scrumpy, so at least the essentials were taken care of.... [ Read More ]
And Then There Were Two!
09 Jan 2013
Well, dear readers. It is at this point we come to the beginning of the end of the adventures of Herman. However, aficionados of pictures of middle-aged old punks, covered in oil and staring in bewilderment at engine pieces, fear not! –for there is more to come on this ‘ere corner of the intarwebs. Read on and all will be revealed! I’ve been sticking a few pennies away at the end of the month for a year or two now, with the long-term aim of some day upgrading to a newer van.... [ Read More ]
Summer Solstice
21 Jun 2011
Off to my mate Baz’s in Anglesey for the annual summer solstice get together with a load of mates from ‘back in the day’. Because of crap like work, we dinnae always manage to have our celebration on the Solstice itself, but the nearest weekend is close enough –and a good enough excuse to burn huge piles of wood and get very wasted! Herman keeping a weather eye on the first night's bonfire Next morning.... [ Read More ]