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08 Aug 2014
The sands of time had run out for us to get much more done, before we set off for Ireland in 3 days time. So we had one last heroic attempt at getting as much more insulated as we could, before we’d have to clean the green lad out and tidy him up for the journey. We managed to get the row of panelling just below the edges of the roof finished, on both sides of the van.... [ Read More ]
28 Jul 2010
Having got the roof up and the floor down, it was time to turn attention back to the walls and start filling in the gaps there. We decided we’d use up the rest of that Pergo flooring we’d got first and then take it from there. Another marathon session of measuring, cutting drilling and sanding ensued. That Pergo stuff is as hard as iron and eats jigsaw blades for breakfast. Slowly but surely, however, Herman is starting to look a bit like a hovel-from-home these days.... [ Read More ]
Meanwhile, at the Back of the Van...
23 Jul 2010
…Mazza finished off carpeting the back wall around the doors. It’s starting to look quite cozy now! ... [ Read More ]