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Blackout Blues
17 Jul 2014
Stay feckin' blacked out, will you! One of the things that’s becoming the bane of my life, with the current incarnation of Herman is the bloody blacked out windows on the sides and the rear doors. No matter how many times I sand the glass, clean it and paint over it again, it’ll be OK for a month or two and then, one morning I’ll come out and notice a big bubble on one of the panes which, when popped, will gush out rainwater, like a pierced blister.... [ Read More ]
Silicon Enhancements
23 May 2009
Today I decided to take advantage of the fact that the rain had stopped and a mysterious yellow light had appeared in the heavens - I decided to Christen it ‘The Trouser Press’ -and investigate the cause of one of Herman’s less desireable features; the fact that he has an indoor swimming pool, located in the passenger side footwell. It disnae show up very well in the photos, but there's a trickle of water dripping from the folded up floor mat [which is soaked] and puddling in the footwell.... [ Read More ]