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Brake Time
05 Aug 2014
Whilst doing my pre-MOT rounds, I noticed that one of the wheel cylinders at the back was leaking slightly. So, knowing Mr. MOT-Man would jump on that like a thing that really likes jumping on stuff, I resigned myself to having to replace that too, before going near the MOT garage. Before attacking the brakes, the joy of an oil & filter change Off to GSF for a new wheel cylinder, which I fitted that self-same day.... [ Read More ]
Whacks, Cylinder
30 Jul 2013
So, today I had to take a day out from the urgent inner carpentry missioning to try and get the MOT shenanigans sorted. I went to VW yesterday to try and score the a new wheel cylinder or a repair kit for the old one and found out that both those parts have now been obsoleted. It seems like VW have finally abandoned the series 1 LTs. After a promising start to the proceedings a few years back, when I was able to get pretty much all I wanted for Herman 1, I’ve found that, of late [the past year and a half, or so] every part I’ve asked them for has been obsoleted.... [ Read More ]
Ticket to [Not] Ride
28 Jul 2013
As if all the anal bollox of trying to knock the inside of Herman into some kind of shape, whilst still doing the 9-to–5 grind wasnae hassle enough, I was also faced with the ordeal of getting him MOT’d, before heading off on holiday, as well. Booked into my usual [for now] garage and took him down first thing on Monday morning. I have to admit that I didnae give him much of a going over beforehand –just did an oil and filter change and hoped for the best.... [ Read More ]